3) Effects of naming

I used to think that effects of naming was an archaic thing.I mean how can you give a child a name and the child inherits all the characteristics of the initial bearer of the name?

As they say seeing is believing but in this case I had to watch to believe.Just recently Kaleyche Mumo was speaking about her experience in engage talk(a show sponsored by safaricom where by successful people narrate their story)So Kaleyche was born to a strict mother ,Ruth Mueni in Kangundo.She was named after her grandmother Kaleyche to mean, she has picked her path let her go.

Her grandmother was a very tough as she was the second wife to her grandfather but she still managed to take charge of the homestead (tough right šŸ˜‚). Kaleyche didn’t even spare any of that toughness she took it all.

At age 16she knew that she was interested in taking up journalism as a career course.Unfortunate for her ,her mother wasn’t buying that story.She wanted her to do a more serious course just like her elder brothers had done.Due to that she pursued a degree in International relations at USIU.

Later on she got her first job as an office manager for the homeboys dj and after sometime she became an editor for a production house.Although,all a long her mother didn’t approve of her work(hard right to the extent she proclaimed her daughter as unemployed)When one door closes another door opens, she was hired by KissFM to be a news anchor and an editor From that day forward her mother acknowledged her work as her daughter was becoming more and more popular as the days went by.

Kaleyche Mumo ,tough I could imagine but she probably picked her path and followed it.

My culture my pride

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