2) African Parents

No dream is too big to be achieved

Personally speaking I was brought up by strict parents.By strict parents I mean,there is only one form of punishment (hello canes😂)My mother to be precise was the disciplinarian .Hehe!!I wasn’t naught but for sure I had the test of anything that came her way be it maasai sandals, charger,wooden spoon and any other tool you can name.

At the end of the day it is this uncountable canes that has made me to be who I am today.Although the cane instilled alot of fear in me while growing up but I hate to say that it had a positive impact on me indeed.So today I will be sharing with you one of the most remarkable cane experience I had.

I can vividly remember it was 2009.Then my younger sister was about 9or 10months.A week earlier my mom had bought my baby sister a baby walker so that it could help her move around the house as now she had started moving her body parts. So here I was a eight year old fascinated by how my sister was enjoying herself while on the babywalker.

The voice in my head was urging me to try it, I mean if this little girl is enjoying herself why can’t I also have a test of her own medicine 😂😊.Though after the aftermath I wish someone had warned me earlier.Boom, the babywalker broke(by breaking I mean the lower matish thing that had hooks attached to the babywalker was broken)Me being me, I forced tears out of my eyes just to gain sympathy votes, forgetting the african mother I had.That was that and life had to move on.

Is canning the only way to discipline a child ?Why can’t other forms of punishment be administered.

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  1. There should be other forms of disciplining measures other than use of cane. Some kids would rather you whip them than limit their movement or take away their favourite things as punishment. Grounding them can be more effective. Kids like movement. Restricting their movement as punishment works even for our African kids.
    I’m not of the opinion that we stop using cane, it shouldn’t be used as the only methof of punishment.

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