1) Conservativeness

If you have grown up in an african home you will have to agree with me on this certainly.Especially the girl child,as there is always much focus on us rather rather than the other gender.I will have to admit there times I wanted to dress like a normal teenager(by that I mean cropstops, miniskirts, crazy hairstyles or even minidresses)but hey you don’t want to be walking in the streets and all eyes on you.For that reason I think one way or another we are subjected to be conservative.

Just the other day Nikita Kering(a 17year old musician who started singing at age 5)was talking about how she was restricted by her culture .As an upcoming artist her role model is Beyonce.She loved her voice, her props and of course her active performance on stage (wait a minute , did I mention that Nikita is from a strong Christian family nonetheless,her family were strong believer in their culture )

Nikita comes from a community were girls having trousers is still unexpectable and the community is still trying to digest the information 😂and here she is thinking of Beyonce.

At the end of the day ,should we really let our culture restrict us from doing what we want to ?

For this month ,I have decided to take culture as the path feel free to join me , express your views and stay tuned.

NB: The chitchat will be continued on October so don’t miss out on the ending

Published by kavochinadel

The silent one who finds joy to listening to music and writting down my emotions to feel complete plus one who is absolutely enthusiastic with learning new things

4 thoughts on “CULTURE

  1. There is culture. There is religion. And then there is just the plain old generation gap. Tough question to answer. Because I do have a little girl and I don’t want her leaving the house looking like… But then what I certainly don’t want her to do is look like anybody else but herself. Just concentrate on just being yourself. So no, nothing should dictate what you should look like or wear. Nothing and no one. But I must agree that a “simple” clothing like a pants… what could possibly be the problem! They haven’t seen the pom-pom short! 🙂


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