What is your love language? A question people find hard to answer or rather quite intimidating. Everyone has a love a language but in most cases people have not yet identified that this is the way I need to be loved or to be shown love by my significant other . Love language describes how we receive love from others. They are quite an important segment in relationships. Once you learn your partners love language you will be good to go and work on them efficiently. We shall have a look at the 5 different love languages ,how to use them, the pros and cons of each.

1.Words of affirmation

If you love being affirmed on a daily basis ,hearing encouraging words from your partner or even simple compliments from time to time then words of affirmation is your love language. The goodness of having such a partner is that the little things you say will matter to them but you have to be keen with your speech as any negative words will really impact them negatively and even hurt their feelings. With words of affirmation speech is very important and the consistency is also key as the moment you do not affirm them they get insecure.

how affirmed can you be

2.Physical touch

If you enjoy hugging , cuddling , holding hands or any other form of physical touch then this is for you. Physical touch is one of the highest form of intimacy it creates a sense of connectivity between you and your partner. If one has a partner whos love language is touch they at all cost should avoid any form of physical violence as it will impact on their relationship negatively. They should be keen on how they express themselves physically and be consistent on the physical touch.

3.Receiving gifts

Does receiving gifts from your spouse entice you? If it does then this is for you. Gifts are always the most kindest gesture that shows that some really cares about you. Although, most of the times people think that you must get expensive gifts for it to be valuable but the truth of the matter is that it does not just the fact that you remembered that your partner likes jewelry and you brought her that as a gift is such a nice move. You have to be keen with the little things they love or take notice of cause those are the most valuable things they would love for gifts it brings an aspect of a keen listener.

the little gifts do matter

4. Quality time

Engaging in activities together that you both love is one of the ways of spending quality time together . With this type of love language you will need to spare some time for yourselves so as to be able to communicate with each other. Having distant partner with such a love language can be hard to cope with. With such a partner you ought to give them your undivided attention and whenever you are together you have to keep of any form of distraction so as to give them your undivided attention. Communication is key in such a scenario so as to not make your partner feel less important or being least in your priorities.

5.Acts of service

Acts of service literally involve offering a helping hand for the responsibilities your significant other has. Words like can I help you are quite vital in such a relationship . You ought to help them around and at no point should you burden them with work or even lazy around with offering help. With such a partner you can not afford to be lazy or have broken commitments as you will appear to be not to care for your partners feeling .

acts of service

I believe with that we are able to identify our love languages .

Who else feels like having lengthy conversations should part of the love languages?

Have a lovely weekend fam


Managing your finances can be such a task I mean yes you get a certain amount of cash but how are you going to take charge of that money? Management of finances requires a lot of discipline for a person to master the act and its never too late to start managing your finances and never forget that habits are cultivated so the more you practice it the more it becomes easier for you as a person. I have tried the 6 tips for management of finances and I can assure you that they are very practical and habitual activities for one to initiate.

1.)Saving plan

Having a saving plan or even a saving account is very essential . For the longest time saving has been put across as a cumbersome activity , its sort of a burden to many who do not have a clear understanding of what it really means. So what is a saving, saving is setting aside money for future use or for a specific use during specific time. Saving as little as you can is very important as the little things do matter . The only requirement for saving is to have discipline for example you set a certain day ,week or month that you will be saving and stick to the plan. Also to spice up the saving process you can have a saving goal so as to look up to the saving journey that you will partake.

Save as little as you can

2.) Prioritizing your needs

Coming from a shopaholic (where everything is important as long as it strikes your eyes😂) you do need to prioritize your needs together with the budget you have. Most of the times you will find that we go impulse on goods or items we do not really need and we end up going broke for no good reason. We also need to look at some fun activities that at times are not necessary but we still engage in cutting down on such activities will save you some coins. A good method I use is listing down my wants or needs in a hierarchical form from the most important to the least important and at all times it does work magics.

3.)Emergence funds

An emergence fund is some cash that is set aside for the rainy season. Its very important as it enables one to prepare for uncertainties in the near future. Just like savings it requires a high form of discipline and it more so the same concept of saving the only difference is that it prepares you for things you did not plan for to occur. Start an emergence fund you will never be disappointed.

4.) Avoiding debts

Debts usually are a financial set back as it brings your finances forth and back. Living a debt free life is usually important as you get to control and see how your finances are used. In most cases the creditor requires an additional cash as from the one he or she had lent you. Will all you can and your power avoid debts at all costs as they only incur you more and more financial loss unless yes its very necessary.

5.) Chama

Involving yourself in healthy chama is very important as they help in securing your cash. The goodness of this groups is that you are obliged to the members so at the end of the day you will have to honor your pledge and hence you will be saving . There is nothing that is so sweet as receiving your money during your cycle .You also get to interact with different group of people who in one way or another they will have an impact on you.

Unity in togetherness

With this management tips you will be sure to ace your finances.

Have a lovely week fam😊 a podcast on the same topic

The August 7th Park and Museum

The August 7th Park and Museum is a chilled ,relaxed place to be as it is situated in the cbd of Nairobi, Kenya.

The entrance of the park
Fun fact the park is also know as bomb blast park as it was earlier the american embassy that was bombed

A lit bit of history about the park, on August 7th 1988, a group of terrorist used a car bomb to blow up the United States Embassy located at the Moi and Hailey Selassie Avenues causing death of 218 people and the place was later on donated by the Kenyan and American people to a trust charged with turning it into a memorial park as a tribute to the public.

The park itself has various sites and we shall have a look at them.

The Peace Memorial Museum
The museum has different things hanged on the wall, just as a remembrance of the bombing that took place . There’s also a documentary on the events of that specific day that takes one and a half hours.

The Memorial Wall
It commemorates the victims who died and it is a central feature in the park.

The Memorial Wall with the 218names of the victims who died in 1988

Conference facilities and meeting rooms
They have two remarkable conference facilities that can be hired and the each of the two conference facilities have names, the first conference facility to your right is the Wangari Mathai conference center and to your furthest left is the Nelson Mandela conference center. They have various quotes available and the environment is condusive for meetings . To your way out of the museum they have a glass-like structure for donation .

The symbolic landscape
It has stones by the pathway of the park that were collected from the riverbed and it signifies the resilience of the kenyan people to always fight terrorism.

The trees are indigenous to show that people from all over kenya are affected by the tragic act. They also provide a good shade for those relaxing around the park.

The fountain, that was made in the form of the Ying Yang sign, symbolizes the two sides of life ,turbulent and tranquil.

The fountain situated at the centre of the park

The park is a place you would want to relax and just enjoy what nature has to offer be sure to pay a visit when around.

Does looks matter

A couple of days, two influencers tried going to a five star hotel in tattered clothes just to get people’s reaction. To their uttermost surprise no one ever stopped them or even mentioned anything to them. What happened to being your brothers keeper ? How many seconds would it take you just to mention that hey, there something wrong with your … or could rectify this kindly.

Having each other’s back

It took a while before anyone attended to them and the waiters were less concerned . They had to call for a waiter inorder to be attended for and imagine if it was vice versa would it have been the same?

Another story is narrated of a cute guy who stepped on a lady and never bothered to say sorry , he just took off (“throwing a smile to the lady he had stepped on”)

I can only imagine the lady’s facial expression

So what does the society have to say about looks? Does having the look really matter?

In the society we habit in, people tend to judge you with your appearance .Your value is immediately attached to how you appear eg a smartly dressed person is oftenly perceived as rich (definitely how can you dress expensively and be broke 😂)But is this the right mind set?

Supposed the influencers were smartly dressed would they have received the same treatment?It’s high time the society detaches the value of people as per their appearance. We ought to embrace equilty for all regardless of anything #embrace equality


There is a lot of controversy about feminism currently and today will have a look at what feminism is about in a nutshell. Feminism is a movement that belief in social , economic and political equality of the sexes. The main aim of feminism is to advocate for equal rights for women and acknowledge the fact that both men and women deserve equality in all opportunities, treatment and respect.

Did you know that in Britain 1928 the Suffragettes (first people to begin feminist movement)won their fight as then women were allowed to vote.

Types of feminism

1.) Socialist feminism

This is a movement that calls for an end to capitalist through socialist reformation of the economy . By this I mean that both men and women ought to have equal rights in their workplaces.

2.) Cultural feminism

This is a movement that points out how modern society is hurt by encouraging masculine behavior to reign . A good example is when only the male child was eligible to inheritance of the fathers property or when only the male children we educated.

3.) Liberal feminism

This is a movement that believes all individuals should be free to exposure of equal opportunities and rights.

Misconceptions about feminism

1.) It promotes women superiority

Majority believe that feminism is all about spearheading the women to more authority as they sideline the other gender but the truth of the matter is that feminism is about advocating for equal rights for the women for them to be at per with their male counterparts.

2.) Only women can be feminist

For the longest time feminism has been labelled as a woman thing as they basically advocate for women right but as we can see time is changing as also men are engaging in the advocacy of equal rights.

3.) Feminism and equality are different things

Feminism and equality are both the same as they both advocate for similar treatment regardless of the gender so at no point should they be regarded as different entities.

4.) Feminist hate men

People should get to understand that feminism is not an anti-man movement but rather a movement that is for equality. Feminism has nothing to do with bring men down or rather sidelining them its interest lies with equality for all and nothing much.

Things they don’t tell you about natural hair

Am those kind of people who are in love with their natural hair. It’s been a year and a half since I started my journey with natural hair. To be honest the transition from relaxed to natural hair has been quite a journey of learning and unlearning.

1)Changing of hair products is healthy

It is advisable to always switch up with your hair products be it the shampoo or even the hair oil as this helps to nourish your hair and it gives your hair just that look and body that you require. Personally I use Mikalla and Cantu products for my shampoo, conditioner and treatment , Amla,Blue magic, Coconut oil and Olive oil spray sheen they always work best for me

2) Protective styles
These are hairstyles that protect your hair from too much damage they are hair friendly styles eg we have the mini twists, flat twists and many others later on we shall expound on them

The beauty of mini twist you can always change the hairstyle to your preference

3)Treating your hair
Use if treatment for ones hair is essential as it helps in unclogging the hair follicles, releasing natural conditioning oil , it helps in relieving dry scalp,it removes all those nasty dry flakes, it also stimulates blood flow in the head and neck area so that nutrients can reach the scalp and nourish the hair

4)Trimming your hair once in a while should be mandatory

Trimming of your hair helps your hair to grow heathier because it removes the hair that would split. Hair at the root is also and you’re able to maintain the length and avoid splitting.

The confidence that hair gives you

5)Moisture is a key element
Just like our body that needs to be rehydrated from time to time so is our hair. Our hair requires alot of moisture to keep it hydrated.


Just as I had mentioned earlier we are embarking on a series of things they do not they tell you about as this life we live in is fool of adventures and new things that come our way day in day out and hey there is nor manual addressing life. Today we shall have a look at relationships as it is quite a controversial issue currently as people have different approaches toward it they .

1.) Forgiveness

The fact is that you will have to acquire this virtue as people make mistakes and when a mistake is done it ought to be forgiven. It takes a lot of courage to practice this virtue continuously with no fail.

2.) Picking your struggle

There is absolutely no one who is perfect and complete and hence when in a relationship you should be able to pick your struggle wisely and be able to live with it as every one comes with their own baggage but you should be careful with whatever baggage you allow yourself to carry as toxic ones are not good for you.

3.) Its more about choice than emotions

Photo by Karolina Grabowska on

By this I mean, there is more to a lasting relationship than just love as love can never be enough for a relationship to last there is trust, support, care and many more . You all have to have the will power of wanting it to work and being able to put your words into actions as actions speak louder than words .

4.) Understanding your significant other

Understanding your significant other character is key as it will reduce misunderstandings in the relationship . Its key to know their temperament as this will enable you to relate with them in different ways and it will explain some of their actions .

5.) Equality

This is key as relationships should be a two way traffic . This deals with questions as why would you not do the same? why is it always me doing this ?

Photo by Sora Shimazaki on

6.) Knowing your partners love language

Everyone has a love language and mastering your partners love language is very important as you will be able to communicate in the relationship. What is your love language?

Later on we shall have a look at love languages so stick around.

Have a lovely week fam check this blog out for technological blogs as it always have you covered with everything happening in the technology world.


A month ago my pal and I started a jewelry business .I was super excited as jewelry has always been my niche and sharing my love for jewelry with other people of course was yet another level of excitement . Coming to think of it for sure there things we were not prepared for.

1.) What is the most popular item

Being a jewelry business their quite a number of items like rings, necklaces, earing and anklets. Frankly speaking their certain items that tend to sell well compared to others. So tricking that balance ought to be hard at times as this round a certain item sells well the other time another sells well so it needs a lot of strategy.

2.) Losses

You have to prepare for losses like seriously. A lot can happen in the period of selling your goods so you have to be psychologically prepared for the losses even if the chances are very minimal. You can set aside cash that can be used to incur the losses.

Photo by Andrea Piacquadio on

3.) It takes time

Getting involved in jewelry was a strategic plan we had I mean how hard would it be to sell jewelry? But it took time to complete the stock as one we were the fresh face of the business. Developing your brand is a crucial stage in early business as it is much easy to work with a developed brand than a new brand . At this stage some patience will pay as good things do take time.

4.) Stagnation

Of course with your first sales you know who to target you already have customers at your finger tips but as time goes by you exhaust your customers . Leaving you in the dilemma of who to sell to next. In this particular stage the art of networking becomes very important as you have to have sufficient networking skills in order to avoid such a scenario.

5.) Marketing skills

Your marketing skills ought to be topnotch in order to be successful . You must know how to market your goods to the outside world in a way that is appealing to attract many eyes. This include taking quality pictures , proper description of the item , the pricing of the item stated and being systematic in your posting of the pictures.

Photo by Anna Nekrashevich on

6.) Having mentor s in that specific field you are venturing in

Previously in our post we had talked about having mentors in everything we do, but having a mentor who is in the same field is just another level of mentorship as they clearly understand what you are going through, they get to guide you as they tell you the pros and cons of the business . Mentors just act like an eye opener in whatever you are doing. ( my mentorship on business is now available with no fee include😂😂)

You can find our jewelry store in Instagram @ collencollection for quality jewelry or still you can ask for more information in the comment section .

I have begun a series of things they did not tell you about… and your participation will be highly regarded down below on the comment section if you have any topic or thing they did not tell you about that you later on came to found out about in a harsh manner. Have a lovely week.😊

Staying focused on on your goal

Staking out success on your own terms requires some soul searching. To achieve that success, you’ll need to carefully evaluate your current situation and set specific goals.

1.) Know where you’re aiming
You have to have a clear vision of what you want to achieve

What ever you but your mind to you will achieve 😊

2.) Write down your goals
Inscribing our goals in black and white , the subconscious begins to look for opportunities to realize them.

3.)Pay attention to how you write down your goals

Avoid negatives and always be specific as possible as the more specific your goals the clearer your subconscious will be and the more likely you will be able to achieve them.

4) Tell a friend
It always helpful to share with a friend as it enables you to be honest with yourself and its quite helpful whenever you seem that your dream scare you.

5)Create a self development plan

Find out what it takes to reach or to achieve your goal the tools needed or even the financial aspect of your goal

Having a goal is never enough we should clearly have a plan on how to achieve that goal as it makes the goal to be more achieve able or as you can say to be more real.

What are the things you do towards your goal?

Lessons learnt from hardball for women

Business is an aggressive ,pushy sport. You’ve got to get on playing field and show your staff

Hardball for women is a book that teaches women to win in the game of business by Pat Heim though the book in general is quite educative to anyone in the business world or even employed .

Lesson 1:You need mentors
In everything we do , we need someone whose experienced in that field Someone who you can inquire from, some one who you can share your challenges with and they will definitely have a solution for it. In short you need a cheerleader.

Lesson 2: Presentation

The way one presents themselves is very important ie how you dress determines the overall message you send in general , the most important rule of thumb is “Dress for the job you want not the job you are in”

Lesson3: How not to let criticism get into your head
You should first of all recognize that whatever criticism you get is just a person’s opinion about you. Don’t let it get into your head.

Lesson 4: Not taking extra responsibility

This is the mostly experienced with women who lose sight of their goals by taking extra responsibilities. You will have to agree a large percentage of women are virtually responsibility magnets as they fear that if they don’t act on a need it will never be resolved .Sometimes just relax and let others notice that blank space.

Lesson 5 : Success talk or failure talks
How we talk about ourselves shapes others perception of us. So always have positive talks about your self as you are also manifesting good for yourself.

Skills a leader oughts to have

Inorder to lead one oughts to be lead

Great leaders can make leadership look so easy ,they announce a direction and the team eagerly follows. If you have experience in a leadership position for sure you know that that isn’t the case. So today will be looking at skills a leader oughts to have.

1)Directing skills
This enhances a one way communication as the leader presents how he wants the task to be performed and it done its way hences it ensures efficiency is met. This skill is valuable especially when:

a)You need to take charge of a situation.

b)Time is limited
c)No alternatives are possible
d)You must win that particular task or else you whole efforts will be subortage

2)Coaching skills
It enhances a two way communication as the leader is soliciting her juniors ideas and opinions in problem solving yet the ultimate decision still rests on the leader.

3)Supporting skills
The leader works with her juniors , but now allows her to take the lead in determine a plan of action , it emphasis on dialogues as means of communication. It’s quite essential as the junior feels motivated with the responsibility left for them at hand.

4)Delegating skills
In this case a leader gives her junior their own responsibility inorder to see how they can work around to complete the task .This is quite effective in a place where your junior is fully competent and committed to her task atleast for sure you will not be disappointed with the outcome.

What other leadership skills do you think one ought to have?

Have a lovely week😊

Chia seeds

These are multipurpose seeds that have a high nutritive value. Though it may be slimmy but hey it’s worth a trial.

Importance of chia seeds
1.)Good sources of fatty acids such as omega 3.

2.)Low glycemic index food helpful regulation daily blood glucose levels.

3.)Good source of minerals such as calcium, iron, magnesium, manganese and phosphorus.

4.)Good source of protein

5.)Good source of vitamins such as vitamin B, folic acid ,Niacin, Riboflavin and thiamine

How it can be used
a.) In pudding just to add some ingredients and colour to the pudding.

b.)The toasted version can be used in bread, cookies and muffins

c.)It can be sprinkled to youghurt , smoothie and milkshakes.

d.)To thicken sauces and gravies

e.) In hot water.

Hey you can grab a pack at very affordable price at food plus outlets

Dreams from my father

A story of race and inheritance, here we get to see Obama struggling with identity issues through his lifetime wanting to belong

Lessons Barack Obama learnt through his lifetime
1)From his father
Through the story Gramps and Toot told about his father, he learnt that the secret to a man’s success is through his confidence.

Back then his father attended the International Music Festival where he was to perform some african song but he later on found out that the woman who had performed just before him was semiprofessional Hawaiian singer. This didn’t frightened him him as he stood up and sung in front of a big crowd . Courageous isn’t it?

From Lolo
Lolo was his Indonesian step-father though they really didn’t have that stable relationship but atleast Lolo was able to be a father figure then and he didn’t push barack either .”The first thing to remember is how to protect yourself”, “Sometimes you can’t worry about hurt but sometimes you worry only about getting where you have to go ,by this Lolo meant to tell Barack that no matter the circumstances that may come his way he has to push forward.

He was 21 right after his studies in Hawaii.He landed an organizing job where by the end if the years he was able to assit the poor and young teenage girls who were mother’s then .He advocated the movement for the Chicago House Authority to remove asbestos from Atgeld’s Management office.

He got the sense of belonging that he was quenching for his entire life. It started from the airport when the lady there recognized his name and for the first time it was correctly pronounced he was amazed by this . He finally got to answer all the questions he had in mind and reunited with his family members. He left Kenya feeling fulfilled and with some sense of entitlement.

The humor in this book is too much for you to miss out kindly grab a copy and enjoy the entertainment that comes your way.

Adopting new habits faster

This comes in handy with these month as it is the first month of the year and quite a number of us are working on making their new year’s resolutions fulfilled.Hence, learning on how to adopt new habits faster will be essential towards our new resolution.

1.) Decide what is important and why
What is your motivation for wanting to develop a new habit . Envision the outcome of you don’t make the change.

2.)Giving yourself a timeline
When adopting new habits giving yourself timelines is very important as this will give you more reason to keep on pushing and wanting to achieve your goal.

3.)Make the habit more reasonable

Choose a realistic new habit that you desire and know that you can accomplish and always start small.

4.)Choose one habit at a time
Trying to change several habits at once is too much for anyone. Instead , concentrate on one behaviour change until it becomes a routine then you can add a second one.

5.)Don’t expect perfection

You are bound to slip up one or more times as you work your way towards new behaviour. Be patient with yourself and accept the slip then recommit to new habits.

6.)Be consistent

Consistency is key to establish a new habit . Do the same thing day after day to set it firmly in your mind and routine. Be accountable , either by tracking new habits or chart or interfacing with others.

“Success is a few simple discipline practised every day”,Jim Rohn

Importance of morning routine

Towards the end of the year, we had a new years resolution list and having a classified routine was among them. Today we shall have look at the importance of a morning routine. I personally love having a morning routine as I am more productive in the morning compared to the rest of the day. There’s no specific way for one to have a morning routine as people have different things they would want to do in the morning so anything you chose is always up to you. Here are the importance of a morning routine.

1. It sets the tone
Waking up early or rather at a specific time every morning is said to be good for your health. This helps reduce waking up tired as your body has adjusted to that specific time. Hence, you will always wake up feeling refreshed and ready to conquer the world. With great mornings the chances of having a great day is always on the higher side

Loving or hating the life your living is solely repeated by self talk

2) Becoming the best version of yourself
Having a morning routine ensures that one gets to be super productive .Being productive comes with a sense of feeling accomplished or as others would say unleashing the best version of yourself.

3.)Sets you on track
Waking up daily with a method of maximizing your time is the best thing. You accomplish majority of the things you ought to do on that day hence it keeps you on the right track.

4.) Boosts your mental health

Mental health is something very crucial, we ought to ensure that we have a healthy mental life. Morning routine enables us to be organized and it enables us to perform tasks in an organized manner hence our brains health is boosted as things occurs in an organized manner and there is no pressure to undertake anything .

Happy new year🎉🎉🎉fam hoping this year will unfold alot of good things for us

New year’s resolution

The year is finally coming to an end, definitely everyone is excited to know what 2021 will unfold or aren’t you anxious? Certainly, there’s no new year without a new years resolution whether written or unwritten. Today I offer new years resolution guide , enjoy😊

1.Saving plan
After a rough 2020 with alot of financial strain am quite sure that a saving plan will be your first step. You don’t have to save big, small saving can also help out because what that really matters is the fact that you are able to administer the saving culture in you.

2. Health
Yes your health, a healthy life = happy life. We should watch what we eat, less fats, balanced diet and initiating a good relationship with water preferably 2 litres per day.

3. Reading culture
Establishing a reading culture is very crucial .Reading never ends . Reading activates your brain, it’s also a source of entertainment and ofcourse it expounds your knowledge.

4.Listening to Ted talks
For the past few months I have been a great fan of ted talks. I just love the way people come together to share their life experiences as experience is the best teacher , learning from people’s experience gives you an upper hand in dealing with things .

5. Investing in yourself
If you don’t invest in yourself no one will as sauti sol could have it “Usipojipenda Utapendwa na nani “(if you don’t love yourself noone will)This involves doing things that will benefit you and that would make you happy. You can try travelling, studying a certain course or even purchasing goods that will make you feel good about yourself.

6.Having a routine
Routines are oftenly underrated as they are viewed to be tedious but in real sense routines are good habitual activities that enhances growth in once life be it a morning or a night routine

A special thank you to my wordpress family😊🎉🎉for their support and always sparing time to read through it’s been an awesome year and nice meeting you 🎆🎆 and amazing posts are own their way so always stick around happy new year 🎈🎈

2020 in a nutshell

2020 has been such a nostalgic year.Alot has happened but at the end of the day we are grateful for everything that has come our way.This is how 2020 has been for me.

1) WordPress family

May 19 I started my own blog, the love and support I got from my wordpress family was tremendous.A special thank you to them and also a special thank you to someone special ❤️❤️who pushed me to go ahead.

2.)Skincare routine

Mid June , I begin a skin care routine,hurray!!!I promise you having a skin care routine is the best thing you can do to yourself. It leaves you feeling fullfilled .If you haven’t tried it please give it a trial it worth it.Later on I will be sharing my skin care routine stay tuned.

3.) Learning to let go

Letting go is always important though not an easy task, we do have things that we can’t imagine living without them but dear just let go it’s best for you.


I have experienced growth in many ways, learning and unlearning habits have been quite a task. We should always have room for growth, correction and enabling ourselves to learn from experience.

Merry Christmas and don’t forget to show acts of kindness during this festive season.🎉🎉

Cimon and Pero tale

The last week the ancient painting that was sold for30 million euros was hitting the headline.Its human nature as the first thing we noticed was the perverseness of the painting in question.I mean how can an old man be suckling such a young lady🤷 but the history behind it is tremendous and very compassionate. Cimon , the poor man was sentenced to death by starvation for stealing a loaf of bread during the reign of Louis XIV in France.

Pero, the woman in the painting was his only daughter and the only visitor allowed to his cell.She was allowed to visit him daily but was frisked such that no food was to be taken in.After 4 months the man was still surviving with no weight loss, the authorities were perplexed and started spying on Pero once she entered the cell They were astonished to find out that she was breastfeeding her father to the fullest sharing her baby’s milk.

Wow!The kind of compassion Pero had for her father .The judges realized Cimon after realizing the compassion Pero had for his father.Its the Christmas season let’s spread our love and the festive mood to those around us. As these historical roman charity story shows the compassion women have. It was easy for pero to breastfeed her child alongside her father but all in all she made it possible. The sacrificial is very significant here. Happy Holidays!!!


Earlier last week,I was working on a certain project that required assistance from a couple of friends.At first,I wasn’t really sure of my capability to mobilize my friends to perform this task but to my shock the response I got from them was tremendous.

The bottomline was that my friends came through when I needed them the most.Shout to my friends who had my back.

In the current society that we live in,it’s very rare to find people who will stand by you come rain come sunshine, so whenever you come across one kindly stick to them.

It’s always nice to be your brother’s keeper and whenever you can offer a helping hand please do it won’t kill you to do so.

Friends will always have your back😊

How’s the festive season 🎉🎉 coming through??

Watch out for the festive songs in the next blogs😊 let’s all get into the festive mood🎉🎉have a lovely week


In one way or another we get insecure about ourselves.Be it our bodies,our character or even our significant others.Whatever makes you insecure is not necessarily a bid deal for someone else . Coming to think of it, you will find out that you were only insecure for no solid reason and that people in your surrounding don’t even notice your insecurity as the rather see it as a flaw.

So is it human to be insecure?Ofcourse yes, I mean who doesn’t get insecure . But the mist important thing is that we should always learn to overcome our insecurity.

As a person my biggest Insecurity has always been photographs . Yes, photographs 😂 and hence the emergence of me being photophobic.

Am always worried of how am going to look? Is the lightening good enough? Am I smiling sufficiently?but coming to think of it what are you really insecure of.

Happy new month🎉🎉

Self worth

Some days ago as I was checking some insta story I came across a story where by a lady was seeking for advise.She said that she had earlier own forgiven her significant other thrice for cheating and the fourth time he didn’t it again she wasn’t sure of the next move to make🤷. Its a dilemma here, what would you advise her to do?

I am the change the world is looking for

People cheat for various reasons and forgiveness is a gift you can gift your self.But let’s get this straight a person cheats thrice is that really a mistake or is it a habit and at the end of the day someone who loves you can’t cheat on you no matter the circumstances.

This brought me thinking of self worth. What is self worth? Self worth is basically the act of value yourself , knowing what you stand for and how you ought to be treated. Will have to agree in most cases women are more vulnerable in the forgiving. It’s a weakness we were gifted😂 I guess. Many cases like such have occured in the society and hey women are ought to forgive their significant other as it’s “their duty to keep the relationship in touch” but in a case it the other way round the same society will throw stones to the lady in question What a a society!!!

In my opinion in a case where one knows what they stand for and what there value is at no point will it be violated. As I had said earlier let’s love ourselves and treat ourselves right as no one will unless we do it by ourselves .

Have a lovely week my people.😊

Importance of self-love

Self-love!Self-love!Self-love!This phrase is mostly used by our female counterparts,#selflove. But come to thing about it what does this self love mean? Self-love basically is the act of caring for yourself, ensuring that you make yourself happy and not entertaining any negativity or any toxic behaviors.Dont get me wrong there’s always room for failure as long as you get to learn from your breaking point

1.Living a healthy life

A health life comprises of many things good health, positive mind, happiness and many other things. Am quite certain everyone craves for such life.

2.You get to know your self worth

Discovering your self worth us very important . The chances of getting into a toxic relationship is very minimal because you know what you stand for and at no point will you settle for less.

3.You get to appreciate yourself

When you love yourself everything you do will make you happy. This encourages self motivation which is very vital in life . Always take time to appreciate yourself for every little thing as the small things make a big difference.

4.Your relationship get better

There’s no way one can claim to love someone else and yet they don’t practice the same love . Once one has recognized on how to love theirselves then spreading the same love will be an easy task.

Self-love is the easiest for me ,I mean how hard can it be to love yourself?

What does live really feel like

The last black unicorn

The humor in this book😂in deed the author is a comedian.Tiffany haddish narates her life story in this autobiography . Who ever knew that this famous comedian was such an underdog😂I mean she was not doing well in school as she wasn’t able to read and write and she was then the only black girl with “horns on her head” The fact that she had a mother who was mentally challenged and her dad had gone back to Ethiopia when she was kid and most of her childhood she grew up in child support . Here is where she nurtured her talent and upto date she one of the most famous influential comedian in the world .

In deed no dream is too big and everything is achievable as long as your mindset is longing for it.

This book is very interesting 😂be sure to grab a copy.

Happy November😊

Happy new month 🎉 it’s the second last month of the year I know everyone is waiting for the end of the year so that we can close the so called 2020 fatal year but has this year being that disasterious 🤷 .let’s find something to be grateful for the remaining 34days and make something nice from it. A grateful jar will work the trick as you daily state what is making you grateful.

Morning routine will be efficient as mornings that start well will surely end well. Positivity is key in life.

The month of positivity😊


Just as I had promised today we will look at depression.What is depression?How will you know you are depressed?How will you handle depression?

Depression is real be aware

Depression is a mood disorder that causes a persistent feeling of sadness and loss of interest . It affects how you feel,think and behave and can lead to variety of emotional.So have you ever been depressed and not know that you are depressed?Yes it does happen and the truth of the matter is that most of us aren’t so knowledgeable about this depression .

Types of depression

Major depression

This is the type of depression where by you feel depressed most of the time.It has characteristics such as loss of interest ,weight loss,insomnia, feeling restless, tired or even worthless.Its remedy include talk therapy and antidepressant. As it is often said a problem shared is a problem half solved.

Persistent depressive disorder

This is depression that lasts for two years or even more.Has characteristics such as change in appetite, sleeping too much or too little, fatigue, low self-esteem and trouble content.Has remedy such as treatment psychotherapy and medication.

Bipolar disorder

It deals with mood episodes that range from extreme high energy with up mood to low depressive periods.This type is greatly common with the old aged.The main source of remedy here is mood stabilizers that contains lithium.

Premenstrual Dysphoric Disorder

This is the type of depression that occurs in the start of the period.Wait a minute who knew that women have some kind of depression during their periods🤔. It has characteristics such as moods swings, irritability, anxiety, trouble concentrating, fatigue, change in appetite and feelings of being overwhelmed.

The bottomline is to ensure that we avoid depression at all costs by exercising and have a balanced diet.#depression I real.

When life takes a different turn

Ten year old me had my life perfectly planned.I had pictured myself in a courtroom, the famous lines like “Your honour”, “Yes my Lord” were practised to perfection. For me the courtroom was my residential area (yes I know I was too much😂).I was so ready to protect the rights of women(yes women, anyone who knows me knows that am the world’s most toxic feminist😂)

Back in highschool English and History were my history were my favourite subjects.So for me law was my calling, my passion, my life you name it.Whoever said don’t count your chic’s before they hatch was so right.So did I get to study law?Let’s talk about that.I didn’t, it was so unfortunate things took a different turn.

At this point I was slowly falling into depression, having to fight the fact that I was letting go of what I always wanted to do all because of certain misconception was just killing me.Have you ever won a race but you can’t get hold of the price?Yeah that’s the feeling I had then.

I had never faced depression in my whole life this was just a tip of the iceberg.Like I used to thing that only adults who had alot in their minds who got into depression I mean what will a teenager be depressed about and they haven’t even tasted the real life😂.Did I overcome the depression?Yes I did, with the help of my two close friends who talked me out of it.

Life doesn’t have to take the direction you want it to take.There is always ups and downs and the downs will always drain you,make you feel useless, worthless but just remember that God is not done with you.With time I have come to understand that when you don’t achieve whatsoever goal there is a reason and you ought not to fight with the fact that it is not possible.For we all have purposes in our life’s that we are yet to discover.

What motivates you?Feel free to share your thoughts in the comment section .

Next week we will be dealing with depression so stick around.

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It’s very normal for human beings to be judgemental ,I guess it’s our nature but should our nature affect other people’s feelings?

Let’s takes for instance Shakila.She has been trending for the past three weeks and we all know the reason.I won’t deny personally I was startled by her deeds(I mean who won’t be at age 19have such body counts)So here we are throwing shades to this young lady,instead of us wanting to know what really happened or what drove her to perform such dubious activities.

Though it’s typical for us humans to always judge even before getting a clear picture of the scenario Why have we normalize this act?Do we deserve the term human beings and yet we aren’t human?When will we change? What will it take for us to normalize the act of us being human?

I personally believe as human beings we should always put ourselves in that person’s shoes before we throw shades to them .This way we will have restrictions on hating people or even being too judgemental.

People do have feelings and at no point should someone make their fellow colleague feel lesser.

So next time before you throw all sorts of judgement to others just take a minute to think about what impact will the judgement give to that person.

#Peoples feeling matter

How to wear a bandana

Bandana!Bandana!Bandana!Wow!just the the mention of this name takes me to cloud 9(if that’s a thing😂)The fact that it can be used by both gender just warms my heart .I have four favourite ways I love to wear my bandana and am so thrilled to be sharing them with you.


Do you want to accessories your neck with something classy but simple?Look no further as this plays the trick


Everytime I wear my bandana as a necktie,I always get the boss lady feeling.The feeling of entitlement and my confidence is always on another level.


When you seem to have a bad hair day or your hairline is misbehaving the headband is here to the rescue.You don’t have to worry about your edges everything is under control.


The cowboy looks never grows old.It gives you a sophisticated look that am quite sure a number of you are not willing to throw it away😂.

Focus on the step infront of you and not the whole staircase.

Tried something new hope you loved it!

Fear not☺️

Fear not

What’s fear?Why fear and yet the Lord says fear not for I am with you?Fear is defined as the act of being frightened to do something .I know at some point we all have feared something.At the end of the day it not bad to fear but we should strive to overcome our fears.

Intially ,one of my greatest fear was speaking in public.Just the thought of speaking to a multitude would scare me to death(yes,I might be exaggerating but that fear brought chills to my spine😂)

Few years ago, I was running for a perfect post back in highschool.The electrol process in our school included an open forum.The open forum was such a crucial stage as your competence would be tested there.He I was scared of speaking to a multitude and yet I wanted to be perfect .By now I know you are all Wondering , did she speak and if she did what really happened?Yes I spoke, and I will have to admit as I begin speaking my voice was super shaky but I gained momentum later on(I just had to, as my voice is highly pitched and I had to save myself from the embaracement😩😂)

Lessons learnt from being fearful

1)No fear is too big to be overcomed.

2)The best feeling you can ever have,is the feeling that comes after defeating your fears

3)Fear is nothing but just a feeling that stops you from achieving greatness

4)The acceptance of fear is the beginning of failure

Hey!got some quotes from renown people about fear check them out.

Fear is the main source of superstition and form of cruelty,Betrand Russell

Fear has many eyes and can see things underground,Miguel de Cervantes

The brave man is not he who doesn’t feel afraid but he who conquers that fear,Nelson Mandela

The only thing we have to fear itself,Franklin Delano Rooselvet



Two weeks ago,as I was getting my hair done at the salon,a group of people where having a conversation about children of this milenia.Everytime there is a conversation about this current generation it is always filled with alot of negativity .

Little credits is given to us.Yes,I will not disagree that the level of morality has decreased but is to not our fault .It also has to be noted that things are not the same.The level of exposure today is extremely high compared to the olden days.

We have the internet that airs out everything regardless of the nature of the content.The social media platforms too have impacted on our behaviour.Peolpe are doing all sorts of things not wanting to know the impact they leave to their audience.I blame the internet for not having restriction😂.There things that are not appropriate to the under age but still accessible.

But hey, are we going to blame the internet for everything hell no!!!The internet has also impacted us positively,I mean look at the online jobs,online marketing, online writing and you still want to blame it?It’s high time people stop blaming the internet for the moral decay and they start looking for solution to save us from the direction we are taking.

Who is to blame for the moral decay?

Success is a set up not by accident 😉

Thanks for sticking around☺️ it has been amazing but today will mark the end of our culture journey and stay tuned for the next episodes.


3) Effects of naming

I used to think that effects of naming was an archaic thing.I mean how can you give a child a name and the child inherits all the characteristics of the initial bearer of the name?

As they say seeing is believing but in this case I had to watch to believe.Just recently Kaleyche Mumo was speaking about her experience in engage talk(a show sponsored by safaricom where by successful people narrate their story)So Kaleyche was born to a strict mother ,Ruth Mueni in Kangundo.She was named after her grandmother Kaleyche to mean, she has picked her path let her go.

Her grandmother was a very tough as she was the second wife to her grandfather but she still managed to take charge of the homestead (tough right 😂). Kaleyche didn’t even spare any of that toughness she took it all.

At age 16she knew that she was interested in taking up journalism as a career course.Unfortunate for her ,her mother wasn’t buying that story.She wanted her to do a more serious course just like her elder brothers had done.Due to that she pursued a degree in International relations at USIU.

Later on she got her first job as an office manager for the homeboys dj and after sometime she became an editor for a production house.Although,all a long her mother didn’t approve of her work(hard right to the extent she proclaimed her daughter as unemployed)When one door closes another door opens, she was hired by KissFM to be a news anchor and an editor From that day forward her mother acknowledged her work as her daughter was becoming more and more popular as the days went by.

Kaleyche Mumo ,tough I could imagine but she probably picked her path and followed it.

My culture my pride


2) African Parents

No dream is too big to be achieved

Personally speaking I was brought up by strict parents.By strict parents I mean,there is only one form of punishment (hello canes😂)My mother to be precise was the disciplinarian .Hehe!!I wasn’t naught but for sure I had the test of anything that came her way be it maasai sandals, charger,wooden spoon and any other tool you can name.

At the end of the day it is this uncountable canes that has made me to be who I am today.Although the cane instilled alot of fear in me while growing up but I hate to say that it had a positive impact on me indeed.So today I will be sharing with you one of the most remarkable cane experience I had.

I can vividly remember it was 2009.Then my younger sister was about 9or 10months.A week earlier my mom had bought my baby sister a baby walker so that it could help her move around the house as now she had started moving her body parts. So here I was a eight year old fascinated by how my sister was enjoying herself while on the babywalker.

The voice in my head was urging me to try it, I mean if this little girl is enjoying herself why can’t I also have a test of her own medicine 😂😊.Though after the aftermath I wish someone had warned me earlier.Boom, the babywalker broke(by breaking I mean the lower matish thing that had hooks attached to the babywalker was broken)Me being me, I forced tears out of my eyes just to gain sympathy votes, forgetting the african mother I had.That was that and life had to move on.

Is canning the only way to discipline a child ?Why can’t other forms of punishment be administered.


1) Conservativeness

If you have grown up in an african home you will have to agree with me on this certainly.Especially the girl child,as there is always much focus on us rather rather than the other gender.I will have to admit there times I wanted to dress like a normal teenager(by that I mean cropstops, miniskirts, crazy hairstyles or even minidresses)but hey you don’t want to be walking in the streets and all eyes on you.For that reason I think one way or another we are subjected to be conservative.

Just the other day Nikita Kering(a 17year old musician who started singing at age 5)was talking about how she was restricted by her culture .As an upcoming artist her role model is Beyonce.She loved her voice, her props and of course her active performance on stage (wait a minute , did I mention that Nikita is from a strong Christian family nonetheless,her family were strong believer in their culture )

Nikita comes from a community were girls having trousers is still unexpectable and the community is still trying to digest the information 😂and here she is thinking of Beyonce.

At the end of the day ,should we really let our culture restrict us from doing what we want to ?

For this month ,I have decided to take culture as the path feel free to join me , express your views and stay tuned.

NB: The chitchat will be continued on October so don’t miss out on the ending


Why journaling? Isn’t Journaling a professional activity?Can journaling relieve stress?The kind of questions I get whenever I proclaim myself as a journaler.Yes am a journaler,in my own way I guess because anytime I mention journaling quite a number of people think of Albert Eistein,Marie Curie,Mark Twain and many other famous journalers.

My journaling journey has been a funny one in deed.For no reason I just loved writing from a tender age.I would always pester my mum for a notebook at age nine.Her response as an african mother of course was,”Unanisumbua na hizi notebooks zako”😂. Mother’s are real gem in deed as she could always heed to my request.

Back then I could feel like a white girl(am not trying to be racist but to be sincere journaling was then a white man’s thing)It was a stress reliever, my companion and one of the things I enjoyed till date doing .The goodness of journaling is that you have an opportunity of airing out everything with no limits ,unless of course your writing materials exhaust

My best friend janny jenipher got me this for my 18th birthday ❤️


Today we are breaking the norm as we have a small chitchat.A Romeo and Juliet type of story.Nonetheless ,this is a story that is one of a kind, I would love to tell and if given a chance I would retell it over and over again.A story is told of two young adults ,Amahle and Luan, both with different personalities and character but that doesn’t hinder them.Luan, passionate young man,humble and straight forward as he knows what he wants while in the other hands ,Amahle is an energetic lady, egoistic and the greatest feminist that has ever existed (so says the story😂)She’s an independent type of lady who gets things done by herself.

It takes patience to love

Let’s get to the juicy part or should I say let’s cut the long story short 😂 The beginning of their relationship was a bumpy one.Luan, was then in love with Amahle who had a boyfriend (tricky situation here)But as they say what is meant to be will be ,Amhale’s boyfriend Fredrick ,broke up with her(honestly speaking ,which kind of man would let go of a gem) Opportunity knocks ones on a man’s door or should we say opportunity knocked on Luan’s door😂.They became a couple as the chemistry between them was just unbearable.No sooner had the relationship blossom than hurdles came their way.Luan was relocating to another city So what was going to happen ?Was the relationship going to an abrupt halt?But not at this point when Amahlewas starting to build trust ,something she rarely does .The relationship was too good to be true but was these going to be the end😩🥺?Am not a fanatic of this whole love scene but this one I fell head over heels for it.


One man’s meat is another man’s poison

Growing up,I always loved celebrities life’s,the fame, money and everything they possess (literally)The likes of the Kardashians,Smith and any other celebs you can think of.Am quite sure that at my age my peers are dreaming of been doctors ,lawyers,engineers and here I was thinking of how I can be an influencer 😂.I could imagine myself on stage singing my heart out as the crowd cheers me on The Elani type of performance(Yeah I know, today we are going local with my favourite Kenyan band)

The biggest room in life is room for improvement

Last week as I was keeping up with Chebet Ronoh in her you tube channel (😂just love the energy in her)she was telling out her influencing journey .Ronoh’s first post that made her instafamous was nothing but just an expression of her feelings(let’s picture this , you become famous with no intention of been famous)little did she know that the life of fame will consume her.She speaks of how at first she had to be cautious of what she wears when she goes out due to the attention she was getting.

That aside, Adelle Onyago has a similar story too.Kenya’s most finest radio presenter.You think of Kiss, you think about Adelle.She speaks about her journey in legally clueless (her podcast that is a combination of African based stories)A risk taker in deed , she abandons her well paying job in Kiss FM to have a personal background check.After having a glimpse at these two powerful ladies life am certainly taking things slowly and to ensure that I am not consumed with the world at any point in life.

Nothing comes in easily, work is required in all fields.

Risky is the new safe

Your choice,your consequence

I had certainly missed the church experience with all that is going on,I count myself lucky to have  attended a church service after a longtime . That aside, I got to learn numerous things such as choices that would ruin your life in the near future.

Choice 1:Wearing masks to impress

Basically,wearing masks to impress is the act of not being you.Trying to fit in is rather the synonym . There’s no need struggling to be 2 different people ,”Be you”.Be naturalle(as my French people would have it)

Choice 2:letting people recreate your dream

This is the part we say dreams are valid.Quite a number of us have dreams that may seem unattainable to many but at the end of the day ,you only need you to achieve your dreams .The sky is the limit

Choice 3:Keeping off negative energy

You don’t need negative energy around you (negativity is very contagious )Always have positive energy around you for positive vibes.

Choice 4:Being selfish

This goes to the me, myself and I people 😂.Life doesn’t have to revolve around you, we should normalize helping  others even if it involves  carrying  out  small good deeds once in a while

Choice 5: Avoiding change and growth

Never be comfortable at any point of your life(comfortability is the killer of growth)Everyday is a growing day.Failure should never stop you from trying

Fail in trying but never try to fail

Choice 6: Not been able to stand up in tuft time

Tuft time do come our way,to make us stronger not weaker.Nonetheless, we should be able to face the tuft times.Success is a set up not an accident.

Choice 7:Always micromanaging

Mr and Mrs bossy,this one is yours.We have to learn to accommodate people because we are all different .None is perfect everyone has there on imperfection and hence we should we willing to maneuver through people’s imperfection.

Choice 8:Settling for less

We are fearfully and wonderfully made .You don’t need anyone to assure you this at any point dear .Don’t let anyone define you because of a mistake  pick yourself and move on dear .

Choice 9:Procrastination

Not now, maybe next time, not today maybe tomorrow (common phrase to the procrastinators)procrastination is definitely the killer of time. Small reminder ,time untied waits for no man.

Choice10: Not taking responsibility

What is responsibility?When are you to be responsible? Truth of the matter is responsibility is all about doing things without supervision at all time.

Life is all about trial and error

Lessons learnt over the years

Recently,I added a plus one to my age that made me thinking of the lessons I have learnt over the years (you might think am old but am quite young).The journey has certainly been a rough one but all in all we are here and experience is certainly the best teacher.

Lesson1:Trust the process

I have learnt to trust the process.I vividly remember early this year when I started my own blog and had nothing to write (faith really does move mountains,who starts a blog without any idea of what to write)and 2months down the line with a lot of push and encouragement from some special 💓 I had my first post.Little did I know that consistency is a task that I hadn’t signed for . At the end of it all I just have to trust the process

Lesson 2: Disappointments always come your way

Am this type of a person who is always cautious and love things falling into place .But with time I have had to learn that it’s not the Disappointments that counts but how you pick up yourself after been disappointed.

Lesson 3:Exercising patience

Patience pays(I believe)am currently in the process of learning to be patient with myself and everything around me.It never hurts to learn a virtue, does it?

Lesson 4:I , myself is responsible for my happiness

I know my grammar up there is questionable (I should probably be arrested for the misuse of grammar but the most important thing is that the point has been driven home)I always depended on people to make me happy (who does that anyway) but with time I came to realize that it’s only me who is responsible for my happiness.Since the acknowledgement of the above I have decided to say byebye to insecurities and hello to securities (if it does make sense😂)

“It’s only you who sees your insecurities noone else does “Brian Terigins

I will refresh those who are weary and I will satisfy the faint


I know saying yes to things that scare you(this is literally not me i mean been the most cautious person in earth you don’t expect this )I can’t count the number of times I have had to simply say no just because am scared of overcoming my fears or rather we say any negative outcome.Am certain that am not the only one suffering from this disorder (lets call it disorder for now )Shonda Rhime (an american TV producer the likes of Grey anatomy,Medical drama,Private practice , How to get away with murder and not to forget the author of Year of yes) As successful as she was , she was earlier afraid of speaking in public(I know how can a whole producer fear multitude of people?)

That initially was the case with Shonda until her own sister ,Marie baley , challenged otherwise.From henceforth she decided to overcome her fear and she accepted the invitation she had declined earlier .

That’s when she decided that, that year will certainly be her year of yes hence the emergence of her book,”Year of Yes”

One amazing fact about her was that she overcome her fears at the age of 45 (its never too late)

Am definitely saying yes to things that scare me .

Believe people when they show you who you are.


Fear is not our portion


Just when I thought I was the only one who abides by my rules to run my day to day life Jordan Peterson (Canadian clinical psychologist,cultural critic and author of 12 rules of life) highly seconds me.”Without rules we quickly become slaves to our passion”.Lets be honest, there are times where the rules that guide our daily life may be too much or too little for us at some point.Personally i have had to lay down some of my rules in some situation to be “comfortable”(lets just face it )but am certain after reading this masterpiece, am not settling for less ( just as khaya mthemwa singings)

There are 3 rules that really struck my mind:

Rule 4:Compare yourself to who you were yesterday not who someone else is today.You are your own competitor,compete with your goals

Rule 5: Pursue what is meaningful,not what is expendient.As the wisemen could say,”habahaba hujaza kibaba”

Rule 9:Assume that the person you are listening to might know something you don’t.Fortunate is he who listens as he gains more than he who speaks rather than listening.

We all ought to have rules that govern our lifes and at no point should you feel that they are too much for us to adhere to

If you can’t stand for something then you will fall with nothing.



A number of times we make resolutions every now and then.We always want to be productive in life,I meant who doesn’t?We are always determined to get started,but wait a minute,why does the energy fade away easily.I can’t count the number of times I made resolutions or even thought of a plan but the energy of making it work just fades away we allow silly excuses to take the better part of us and before you know it, your resolutions are dead and burried.So today, am putting you to task, resume your resolutions that you had long burried and make it work darling.It never hurts to try, but this time round have positive energy and attitude,put your mind into it and be sure for some positive results.

Challenges makes life interesting , overcoming them makes life meaningful


Just get it!!!

Most of us are always held back by the phrase “what if it doesn’t work” .What if…A phrase that is often common to the pessimist one that kills every little hope inside one.But hey, it doesn’t have to work dear , because behind every successful story there is alot of unsuccessful stories untold.The important thing is to try rather than failing to try.So step it up ,follow your heart,do what makes you happy, just get it dear!!! If Michael Faraday hadn’t tried 999 times would we have electricity now ?

Take risk in your life,if you win, you can lead,if you lose,you can guide.

(Bonne chance!!!)

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