Imposter Syndrome

As the month of May is coming to an end, I would love to have a look at Imposter syndrome as part of self help series I have with the podcast. We always hear the word imposter syndrome every now and then. Imposter syndrome made me not to do this and that but what is this imposter syndrome that we always use as an excuse to not accomplish what we want.

Imposter syndrome is the persistent inability to believe that one’s success is deserved has been legitimately achieved as a result of one’s own effort. Have I ever suffered from imposter syndrome? Yes, and every human has and suffers from it as it is something normal that people should start having conversations about.

Symptoms of imposter syndrome

What does imposter syndrome look like? Is second guessing yourself a symptom of imposter syndrome?

  1. Thinking you are less capable than you are.
  2. Refusing to take credit for success.
  3. Perfectionism
  4. Fear of not measuring up.

How to overcome imposter syndrome

a.) Surround yourself with like minded people

Birds of the same feather flock together, you are most likely to achieve a lot of things in life when you surround yourself with people who think like you or people who have greater minds, minds that focus you to level up. You do not need people who put down every now and then in life. Protect yourself and protect your energy.

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b.) There’s no failure only feedback

Put your hands up if you have never felt like a failure. Am 100% sure that no hands will be up as at one point in our lives we have often felt like failures, losses in our lives. First things first there is nothing wrong with being a failure, what you do after failing is what that matters. Pick yourself up when you fall and do it over and over again practice in deed makes perfect so do not stop until you can do it.

c.) Embrace your fear

How many times have you been scared to do things but after doing it you wander why you were scared to do it? There are many opportunities you close just because you can’t embrace your fears. Gather the courage to embrace the things you fear the most.


We all here how important it is to have confidence in our day to day life. Confidence is important when one what to be successful in life but what is this confidence, what does it entail to be confident and is confidence the only tool to achieve success? Worry no more I will be answering those questions today on today’s article.

When you have the confidence you can do anything Photo by Clarita Alave on Pexels.com

Confidence is belief that one can have faith in or rely on someone or something. Confidence looks like have the following abilities:

a.) Trust yourself– Can you be able to trust the abilities that you have, the skills that you have acquired. Can you be given an opportunity and take it without hesitating whether or not you can do the job. Once you can you have the confidence that is required.

b.) Standing up for yourself- have you ever been in in a situation where you have had to defend yourself or your idea . If you have how did that go for you? We all have different perceptions on life and ideas in general and its totally normal for people not to understand you or for people to challenge your thoughts. The moment you stand up for yourself , it signifies that you believe in what you are saying or doing.

c.) Being a person of your word– I know that sounds so overrated at this time in the world that we live in but can people trust your word and take your word for the truth. People will have high confidence with a person who is truthful and a person who can stick to their word.

Source of confidence

Where do I get this confidence? Can I purchase this confidence? Is confidence hereditary? Speaking as per my experience , I know that confidence can come from accomplishment. What have you been able to do to be successful ? Have several accomplishments in life enables one to be confident in that area of expertise.

Having a look at how far one has come in life, the process, and the challenges that one has faced to get where they are boosts one’s confidence. I know am not the only one who is excited and overjoyed anytime I have a look at how far I have come and the achievements I have had a long in the way. It just gives me a certain type of validation in myself and my abilities.

Importance of confidence

Confidence makes one to look attractive I mean we all admire people who stand up for themselves leave alone those who trust their abilities even when you tend to question their abilities. Don’t you all want to look attractive while wearing your confidence gear?

One is able to aim at their dreams, confidence enables a person to go after what they believe in. Every opportunity that comes their way they will take it because they know they have the ability to do whatever they put their mind to.

Confidence enables one to feel ready for life experiences. When you know that you can do anything and everything you put your mind to are you not ready for life experiences?

In May I shall be looking at self-help content. Have a lovely week.

Myths about entrepreneurship

Entrepreneurship is the newbie of making money, everyone wants to venture into entrepreneurship just because of the advantages it has you get to own your time, probably create employment for a few people which is a great thing but is entrepreneurship a bed of roses?

We shall have look at the several myths of entrepreneurship that are in the society and my view on that as an entrepreneur.

1.Entrepreneurs do not have a personal life

As I started I mentioned the fact that entrepreneurs take charge of their own time, you are in control of your day and how you get to run your business. So do you think that as an entrepreneur you will lack a personal life? I will answer that in a few. As an entrepreneur there is a huge difference between your working time and your personal time and yes you get to have your own life outside work.

2. Real entrepreneurs do not quit

There is a phrase that says always know when to quit and when not to quit. If the business is not working or bringing any profit don’t you think it’s a high time you close it? Entrepreneurship requires a lot of critical thinking and analysis, you need to analyze your business to know what to incorporate and what to subtract in your business. So there is nothing wrong with quitting at any point.

Photo by Nicola Barts on Pexels.com

3.Business people do not have a boss

The number one reason why people want to be entrepreneurs is that you get to be your own boss. How true is this statement, First things first, yes you own your business it is yours but you are working for your customers or need to say, consumers. It’s the consumers that give you the business and make the business to be running so without consumers there is no business so yes you do have a boss.

4. Entrepreneurs are born not made

We have all heard of the cliche that entrepreneurs are born, it’s in their blood. Yes, some people have entrepreneurial skills in them but is that enough to keep business running? There’s more to running a business than just skills and yes entrepreneurs can be made and not only born.

5. Only money motivates them

Show me a person who is not motivated by money? Money is a very powerful force but then again money can not be the only factor that motivates you to start a business or even run a business. Let’s face it the first few years of business are always the growing stage of the business. You do not get to earn as much as you expected but you still have to keep pushing because the business is more than just a source of revenue for you.

6. It takes a lot of money to start a business

Depending on the type of business you are running or starting some others naturally require a lot of resources to start I will give an example of the printing company that requires a lot of start-up capital while other small businesses do not require a lot of capital to start. Carrying out market research is very important to know what you are looking for and what is required from you.

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Hey family, a while ago I did a podcast episode on myths about entrepreneurship click on the link to listen to it https://open.spotify.com/episode/77SfWZCNVpEw07DfBrYAxc?si=JELTwamRSBmPAeNYwmX7AQ&utm_source=copy-link

First date etiquette

Happy new week fam. Today we shall be looking at first date etiquette as its the month of love. Have you ever gone on a date and have been dismayed by the date itself and felt like you should have spent your time in another place? Have those bad times no more, as we shall be looking at these date etiquettes today so that you can know what to look out for. Do you think lack of this date etiquette is a red flag?

1.) Punctuality, be on time

Punctuality is very key , I mean why would you be late for a date honestly and you were aware of the time you were to meet. Personally being late is a huge red flag but then again what if there was an emergence that held the person. Communication is key, if you run into an inconvenience just say , awareness is always good but then again do not always be late for dates twenty four seven.

2.) Putting your phone away

A date is an avenue where two or more people get to know each other exclusively. Introducing or pulling out your phone during the date is very disrespectful as you are showing disinterest to the person you are on a date with. When on dates try as much as possible to enjoy the time with your partner with that having to pull out your phone.

3.) Be honest about what you are looking for

Its your first date, of course you do not know much about the person you are meeting and you have expectation of the type of partner you want feel free to communicate. If there is certain type of character you are looking for point it out never settle for less, settle for what you want . When ever n dates always look at the small things, yes person x does not have the values that am looking for but what does the person have , is it likeable, is it comfortable to be around with never have a blind eye or a specific eye when going to dates.

4.) Listen to what they say

Being a good listener is always a good communication skill. So whenever you are with anyone always learn to listen is presents you in a better way.

Photo by Christina Morillo on Pexels.com

5.)Do not dwell on your ex

Talks about your ex should be off the table completely. The reason why they are called ex is because they are out of your life so why would you bring an aspect of the past in the present. Talking about your ex on dates can be a very big turn off for the other partner in the date. So such talks should be avoided like a plague.

6.) Paying attention to table manners

Table manners are very important when going on dates cause you are interacting with a new person with different behavior from different homes. Having your table manners put together is very essential. One of this fine days we shall be having a look at table manners.

Being on your best behaviors with your new audience is always essential.

7.) Always been ready to foot the bill

First things first, who pays for the bill whenever you are out, is it the person who asked for the date or is it a fifty-fifty share. Whatever the case you should always be ready to foot the bill when the need arises.

Pettiest reason not to date

Happy new month fam, the month of love is family here, what are you doing for valentines? Today we shall have a look at the pettiest reason not to date.

Welcome to the month of love

1.) Chewing food loudly

Is it me or are there people who are irritated by how loudly people chew their food? Chewing food loudly is such a turn off and I do not think that its a petty reason as per my opinion but am quite sure for some people it is a petty reason I mean just how a person chewing food that is personally but again very irritating for me.

2.)If they start talking about your zodiac compatability

No shade thrown to the people who believe in zodiacs signs , I personally do not believe in it cause I honestly how do you explain some ones character to be attached to the date of birth and time of birth leave alone the part that you are not compatible just because your zodiacs signs do not match.

3.) If person does not eat one of my favorite foods and meals

Come on, lets me serious just because we do not share a meal that I like together does not mean that we are not compatible to date. A partner is supposed to compliment you not to complete you.

4.)She was too flirty

To all the guys reading this article do you think having a girl that flirts a lot a problem a reason for you not to date the person.

5.) If they use filters

Personally, I have no problem with filters at the end of the day if it makes you comfortable and confident go ahead .So yes I find that as a very petty reason.

6.)Explaining yourself every other time

This had to be it, I find it to be very petty. I do not understand why you will have to explain yourself every other time you do something. That feels like lack of trust in your partners because at the end of the day you can not question your partners every move.

7.)Too judgemental for life

We have this people who will always judge you every other time either good or bad. Either positive or negative judgement I can not compromise or live with such a state .


Happy new week fam, this week we are having a book review . We shall be looking at His bright light by Danielle Steel. With 100% confidence I will advocate for this book to be the most interesting and very intriguing. This is the kind of book that leaves you with the need of wanting to know what happens after every other chapter and when it comes to capturing a captivating story trust Danielle Steel to deliver just that.

This novel is based on a true story, a story of his son Nick Traina who was the apple of his eyes. Nick was an extraordinary child by the age of one he could speak in full sentences. He had a gift of writing poetry, journaling and music he sung was written by him. He had a successful musical career as he was always at his best when he had music even from a tender age. He was suffering from an insidious disease that took a while for him to be diagnosed. Sleepless nights and days were spent in and out of the hospital trying to figure out what was wrong with Nick. They finally found treatment but it was short lived as Nick died at 19 years.

Lessons I have learnt

1.) Once a mother always a mother

Danielle always had to stop everything she was doing just to take care of Nick, take him to hospital ,always make excuses for his son and she always gave her all to him. Once you bear the name mother your responsibility of being parent will never end its a till death do us part type of relationship.

2.) It takes grace to be a mother

Its never that easy to be a mother , Danielle was going through a lot of balancing work, her other children, her marriage and taking care of Nick required a lot of grace. She was going through a lot of emotional drain but still had to be strong for her family and Nick himself.

3.) Never give up

One thing I really admire about Danielle is that she never gave up on Nick. They had had numerous sessions with different doctors, hospitals , she had even tried all other techniques she was advised to use but still they yield no returns. She never failed to try any new thing that was bound to work for his son.

4.) You always need a shoulder to lean on

Julie was more than shoulder to lean on for Danielle and Nicky. She stood by her family in ways you could never imagine. She was Danielle support system and she was evens mentions how she does not knw how she could have done it without her. Julie was God sent for Danielle. At times you may be going through the hardest and toughest of moments but there is always someone who comforts you and takes you through the process.

Myths about relationships

Every now and then, we are always told you can’t do this when in a relationship, you can’t do that when in a relationship. Everyone have different takes and believes when it comes to what should happen when in a relationship. What is your take or belief of what should happen when you are in a relationship? The following are myths about relationships:

Opposite attract

We all have heard of the notion that unlike poles attract while likes poles repels. A relationship between an introvert and an extrovert will thrive in most cases, reason being their characters will not be competing but complementing each other for example an extrovert naturally is outgoing and loves to talk hence he/ she will need a good listener where by introverts are very good at listening but at the end of the day, you will still require to have at least some characteristics that are similar to blend in the relationship.

Good relationships are easy and do not require work

First things first, good relationships are not easy. In order to have a good relationship you have to putting in work and effort, good things do not easily. You have to sacrifice your time, learn to accommodate your partner’s character and also learn to agree and disagree healthy in a relationships. Yes, it requires a lot of work to be good and healthy relationship.

Photo by Gift Habeshaw on Pexels.com

Commitment is a one time event

Absolutely not, commitment is a recurring event in a relationship. Day in, day out you are required to be committed to your partner. At certain occasions present themselves that would make you question your commitment or at times even tempt you. Do you think you can stand the test of commitment when presented to?

Photo by Jonathan Borba on Pexels.com

If a person loves you they will know what you want/need

Why not? I mean this is your partner you ought to have figured them out. Can someone claim to love you and yet they know nothing about it(if that is the case, I will call that a scam) but lets face the true, we are all human beings not angels, you can’t expect a person to know what you want every other time, at times you need to communicate, communicate how you feel, what you what and what you need . Communication is a key aspect when it comes to relationships.

Your partner should complete you

I totally disagree with this, we are all responsible of ourselves, our well being and us being complete as a person. We should not be expecting a sense of completeness from our partners . We should be able to fulfill ourselves, make ourselves happy and be complete as a person. Self love and self completeness is important.

You should never feel attracted to anyone else but our partners

We are all humans, we have feelings, we have eyes and we all have the ability to be attracted to other people. Just because we are in a relationship does not mean that we have to lock everything in ourselves. The most important thing is what you do next with what your feelings and with the attraction that you have.

Word of the day

Habits are compound interest of self improvements by James Clear.

Morning habits to avoid

Last week, we established things we need to do to increase our productivity in the morning and today we want to look at things to avoid when establishing a morning routine.

1.)Hitting the snooze button

We all are victims of hitting the snooze button anytime the alarm clock rings. The moment you make it a habit for your body to wake up at a specified time, it shall be an automatic activity that with time you would not have problem waking up, hence that is one of the importance of not hitting the snooze button.

2.) Staying in bed

Have you ever woken up and do not feel like leaving the bed? In most cases fatigue can make one to have a feeling of laziness and being tired to the extend that they do not want to leave their beds. This state can also be caused by checking your phone first thing you wake up. Phones offer a sense of distraction early in the morning, when you decide to wake up and start your mornings with the phone.

3.)Not making your bed

Often, we are in so much a hurry that we do not care about our bed and we leave it messy for the entire day. Our mind loves to be in the arranged system and when our surrounding is clean and systematic, our brain remains calm. When we make our bed in the morning, this completion of first task in the morning provides us a sense of positivity and our brain makes up itself for the tasks and responsibilities of the upcoming day.

4.)Not planning

Planning is essential to productivity and what better time to plan than at the start of your day? When you plan in the morning you basically create an organized and focused outline for your day. This will make it easier for you to stay on track avoiding procrastination and complete a task.I do know that a to do list can have a certain type of pressure of not meeting or sticking to it but at the end of the day, it is still a go to go activity.

5.)Being inconsistent with your wake uptime

Consistency is everything when learning habits and adapting to routines. I mean, it generally easier to do things when we get into some sort of routine. Waking up at different times every day just throws your body and the internal clock off track. This way, waking up early over time becomes a habit that you do naturally and you will even find yourself waking up without your alarm and without feeling tired .

6.) Complaining

When you wake up in the morning do you really want to complain first thing in the morning? The gift of life is very important and the chance we get to have is one thing we ought to be grateful for. Take this to practice gratitude and be thankful to be alive and all blessings in your life. Complaining will not get you anywhere.

Motivation of the week

Life is a blessing don’t take it for granted.

Have a lovely week fam☺️😊

Things to do in the morning to increase your productivity

Happy new year fam🥰🥰, It’s always a pleasure to be back to the wordpress family. First things first, I would like to apologies for the sudden disappearance here but I am now back after the long break, rejuvenated with alot of energy and a lot to share so let’s stay tuned for more content.

There’s nothing that can be as promising as starting a new year, I mean new year, new things, new energy. We are all determined to ace and face the new year with all our goals updated and set for the new year. Mornings are important part of the day for everyone. Research has proven that mornings determine how one will spend the rest of the day hence it is important to have maximum productivity at this time


Water is a must have component in your body. Last year I was able to establish a hydration routine that I am very proud of the discipline and level of consistency I have been able to maintain. From personal experience water has been a game changer especially having it first thing in the morning as it refreshes and detox’s the body.

Water is life

2.)Hide your phone

Phones have become such an essential things in our lives. I kid you not, the first thing we wake up to is our phones, checking emails, our social media presence and etc. Waking up to your phone is not a healthy practice as you need to move around when you wake up to be able to avoid feeling tired or lazy first thing in the morning .

3.)Have breakfast

Breakfast is a very important meal as it powers your brains and boosts your energy.Skipping breakfast can be very risky because your body needs that energy in order to be able to perform tasks of that day.


First of all, I am not an exercise person, just the mention of the word exercise disgusts me, but this year is all about getting out of my comfort zone so I am going to embrace exercising this year. Exercise is the best way to start your mornings as you get to keep fit and have your pulse rate in check .


Morning shower help discard the numerous toxins through sweat, it also helps relieve muscle aches and pains as it relaxes your body, making you feel less tense and more comfortable when starting your day.

6.)Reading and journaling

A book a day keeps reality away, it’s always good once in awhile to escape from reality and just allow yourself to flow. A book ensure that you are constantly exposing yourself to new potentials for change and building your knowledge base. Journaling is also an activity that is very interactive, you get to interact with your thoughts , your feelings and yourself as a whole , I would personally recommend journaling any time any day.

7.)Positive affirmations

There’s nothing that can be more important than affirming positive things to yourself, if you do not, there is no one who will. You are who you speak, so start your morning with positive affirmations and see your life changing in small bits.

Have a lovely week😊.

Motivation of the week

We only get a chance to live once, so live your life to your satisfaction do not mind what people would say as it is your last few not theirs.


Welcome to my world, welcome to my world, where the first instances of gender biasness is, is it a boy or a girl,

Welcome to my world, welcome to my world, where the boy gets toys that nature him for his responsibility while the girl is given dolls and cooking toys to play with,

Welcome to my world, welcome to my world, where a little boy is not supposed to cry just because his a man while there is room for our baby girl to let down some tears,

Welcome to my world, welcome to my world, where science and mathematics is for boys while girls excel in languages,

Welcome to my world, welcome to my world, where no matter the clothing a man decides to wear it will never send a message to the world while the ladies have to be conscious about what they wear,

Welcome to my world, welcome to my world, where men have the responsibility of making the first moves while the lady is to be on the receiving end as it is “a man’s job to shoot their shot”,

Welcome to my world, welcome to my world, where men are not supposed to cry, they ought to deal with their emotions by themselves while women have liberty for anything,

Welcome to my world, welcome to my world, where a lady is treated differently after conceiving at her workplace cause at the end of the day she will be having her maternal leave,

Welcome to my world, welcome to my world, where a man treats a lady well is regarding as simping,

Welcome to my world, welcome to my world, where in case of child custody the man is left for the financial responsibility ,

Welcome to my world, welcome to my world, where certain courses are segregated for men similar to others for the ladies,

Welcome to my world, welcome to my world, where a man is the one to have financial security/ responsibility, as a man without this is not man enough,

Welcome to my world, welcome to my world, where a daughter has curfew at her parents house but the same does not apply to son,

Welcome to my world, welcome to my world, where a woman who rises to the top of the bar must have done something or even had sexual relation with the boss while the same can not be rumoured about men,

Welcome to my world, welcome to my world, where we are so energetic and vocal when it comes to a rape case involving ladies but when tables turns there is where we draw the line,

Welcome to my world, welcome to my world, where in some industries we still experience gender biasness and no one is willing to talk about it,

Welcome to my world, welcome to my world, where either male or female we have our privileges,

Welcome to my world, welcome to my world, where feminism is the belief social, economic, political equality of sexes not the advocacy of women’s rights only,

Welcome to my world, welcome to my world,, where one person can not bring change to the gender inequality in the society but with the help of the society at large the mission will be accomplished,

Welcome to my world, welcome to my world, where we are the change we want to implement.

By Kavochi Nadel.


c.) Letter to a younger boy and girl

In today’s blog we shall be doing something different from the normal days, a letter to a young boy and girl to cover the various challenges teens or young adults face during this period. I will be partnering with https://techstrapp.com/ just to get the other side of the coin and be sure to check out his website for fantastic tech content.

A letter to a young boy


First of all, I know you are shy and have hard time standing up for yourself especially when it comes to fights. As much as violence is not an answer as a man you should learn to toughen up. Do not let anyone walk over you like piece of trash. A rough world is waiting for you out here. Learn to make a stand when someone mistreats you regardless of whatever they are much taller or stronger than you.


Another thing you are obsessed with sex. First of all, stop thinking that there is something wrong with you, you are a human being. All of us have strong urges to fulfill our sexual desires. Its only a matter of time till you find someone willing to start a healthy sexual life with you . Do not be in a rush.


I know you are in a hurry to have someone of your own. You will see all your friends hanging out with other girls , going on dates as you keep questioning whether you are good enough since no one wants you do not worry you are in for a surprise. Love is a great thing, it will come in its own time, you are quite young and most of what you are experiencing right now may seem to be love but most of its lust. Your standards and preference will change as you grow old.

I know you are afraid of approaching girls, do not worry you will grow through multiple rejections and heartbreaks but you will realize that its not the end of the world one day you will finally get that magic you have been waiting for.

Photo by mododeolhar on Pexels.com


Yes the subject you just can not stand, you should realize you are turning into a man and you will have to make that jump from the young boy you are now to a fully grown adult. Your voice will change, you grow taller, stronger, the facial, and pubic hair will also kick in. The acne, sexual attraction are bound to happen, even those embarrassing wed dreams will happen at some point but its all part and parcel of growing up.


You are a broke kid that is for sure, fully dependent on your parents and quite worried if that is how it will always be. Learn new skills that are marketable since that is what will land you your first job and help you earn something to get you going before you level up. Even those fancy dates you wish to go with your girl are bound to happen just keep on grinding and good things will happen.

A letter to a young girl


When puberty bells rings, new things will unleash that will change your lifestyle . We have the enlargement of breasts that may seem a little bit off at the beginning , no need to put on sweaters just to cover up the growth it okay nothing is wrong with you , you just have to embrace the change. We have occurrence of periods, the first time you spot it do not freak out because it is going to be the new norm until you get to your menopause. No need to hide your sanitary towels or feel shy to talk about periods its so normal. None will prepare you for the cramps that will unleash during this period of the month, the headaches and at times vomit that comes as a result of menstruating. Be sure that this is just a phase that will come to pass.

Standing up for yourself

At this age and time your confidence has not yet leveled up to be honest. You still fear certain people in the society just because you still do not have a voice and you are afraid of the outcome that may come as a a result of standing up for yourself. Your are stronger than you can imagine , you have a voice that is waiting for you to unleash it. SPEAK UP GIRL!!! No one will kill you for speaking up baby girl. Sexual harassment may come your way once in a while, no one will equip you with the right tools to deal with it but your voice will save you baby girl.


You will meet different types of friends in this phase good ones, dishonest ones and just friends who are seasonal ones .Be prepared to lose friends in this period as you are growing because in each growing phase you need new friends .You will meet new people and form new bonds some even stronger than what you originally had. Some people you meet will be the best thing that could happen to you and others will be the worst you ever met. In this stage you will have couple of guy friends some genuine some not genuine and to be honest it is really hard to distinguish from the two but whatever happens do not build a wall towards male friendships.


Relax baby girl this is just your first relationship do not start romanticize a family in this stage, you still have to experience life as a whole and what it has to offer . Heartbreaks will be there my dear but do not let that get into your head, you have to rise up and heal after a break up. Its okay to be ghosted , there is nothing new about it you just have to move on with life as that is not the end of life. Never be scared to give your 100% in a relationship just because you were hurt in the previous one, the person who hurt you did not deserve you nonetheless give this new relationship your all.

Have a lovely week fam, 😊feel free to add as you interact with me in the comment section.


b. Privilege

Have you ever thought why you receive certain types of benefits or advantages that are out of your control ? Or do you wonder why you experience a certain type of advantage? Wonder no more as today we shall have a look at privileges one has as per their gender.

Photo by Susanne Jutzeler on Pexels.com

What is privilege?

Privilege is basically the benefits that belong to people because they fit into specific social group or and advantage that is out of control.

Male privileges

They can be confident that nobody would think they got the job or a certain grade because of their sex.

A couple of times we see ladies raising at the top of the bars and once in a while you will hear few remarks that she got that job just because of something she did while that is never the case when it is a man who has been promoted.

They are less likely to face sexual harassment

Yes , they are less likely to face sexual harassment due to the environment they live in. Male figures are protected I mean, have you ever heard a man who fears spending time with a friend just because he does not know what might unfold ?

It is possible for them to choose clothes that does not send any particular message to the world

Men have a freedom to wear what they want without being condemned with the society.

They can be aggressive with no fear of being called a bitch or they can be loud with no fear of being called a shrew

The freedom of speech and expression is one that is very inclusive, I mean you do not have to filter anything in your speech.

Them having children will not affect their career

The term paternity leave is not that common I mean a man would take one or two weeks off after that they go back to work and yes in order for them to provide for the family but to be honest their lives move on unlike their female counterparts who will have to re adjust.


They are given first priority once in a while

Several times in the matatu am given priority when it’s full, I mean let the lady have a sit and of course in several areas too I have the advantage over my male counterparts.


Its the lady’s family who receive the token of appreciation and that is the way culture is but still that is a privilege I would love to experience.

If a female is assaulted people will be outraged while the same cant really be said so

I remember 2 instances that occurred at the same time one, several ladies were sexual assaulted and the outrage was tremendous while the second instance a man was assault but not much was looked into it.

Happy week fam , feel free to drop in the comment section the privileges you have experienced as per your gender.


Gender is basically being male or female, the first instance that we meet for gender always is it at the gender reveal for the baby , is it a boy or a girl and basically the segregation that occurs as per your gender. For the month of September we shall have a look at gender in different areas in our lives.

You are either male or female

1. Society

The society at large has different ways of handling issues related to gender in various ways.

a.) Dress code
I remember when the campaign of #my dress my choice was quite eloquent when women were told to have decent clothes on in order to prevent the rape cases that were becoming rampant in the country then. To be frank, in such a case dress code has less to contribute towards it , decent or without decent clothing one may be a victim cause at the end of the day it’s not a matter of what you wear but it’s a matter of the level of self control or the behavior of the person.

Earlier last week I was listening to some conversation in the radio where a lady called and said that women are to be blamed for proscumity in people’s marriage because how a lady dresses will contribute to the attention she gets when she’s out there, but honestly speaking you can tell me not to wear a dress that is slight below the knees just because person will look at you. Why is it that there is a lot of responsibility when it comes to ladies dress code while for the men are let to roam around with shirtless chest and sagged trousers.

b.) Courses

I remember just when I started university a while back and of course people were asking me the course I was pursuing in varsity. Everytime I mentioned my course, the response I got always took me by surprise , like really that what you think🤔. They would always say, ” Unafanya Course ya Wanaume”( Are you pursing men’s course) This always left me wandering since when we’re courses branded as male or female courses.

Even in the work fields there are different types of treatments depending on the field you are in. Earlier on this year as I was reading ‘hardball for women’, one of the ladies mentioned that she was in a male dominated field and was often segregated with her colleagues.

As a society we should strive to eradicate all the gender biasness that occurs in our midst in order to create a society that is free from any gender issue #eradication gender biasness


Couple of weeks ago, I passed through a route I normally pass with my mum but this specific day I was not with my mum. The route has a car wash, so on this Sunday one of the men who works in the car wash asked, ‘ leo umewacha mama’ were the exact words he used( where is your mum today)I was astonished because honestly speaking I was not expecting him to have noticed the fact that I walk with my mum occasionally in that route. It ignited some thoughts in mind that people are watching and they will forever analysis how you carry yourself while you are out here so you should always be conscious about how you carry yourself out.

That aside, today I wanted to look at temperaments. Why temperaments? It is important that we understand the different types of temperaments so that we shall be able to accommodate each other and understand why someone is acting the way they are acting or the way they behave.

What is a temperament

Temperament is a persons nature especially as it is permanently affects their behaviour

How many temperament are there

There are 4 types of temperaments that exists, we have the sanguine, phlegmatic, choleric and melancholic. The sanguine and phlegmatic are extroverts while the choleric and melancholic are introverts


They are people oriented and are very optimistic.

Strengths of sanguine

  1. Leadership skills
  2. Carefree
  3. Lively
  4. Easy going
  5. Sociable

Weakness of sanguine

  1. Disorganized
  2. Talkative hence they do not listen
  3. Easily distracted
  4. Undisciplined
  5. They decided based on their feelings


They are sympathetic and they care about others.

Strength of phlegmatic

They are calm

They are reliable

They are thoughtful

They are peaceful

They are even-tempered

Weakness of phlegmatic

They are shy

They are fearful

They are not goal oriented

They are unenthusiastic


These type of people are bad tempered or irritable.

Strengths of choleric

They are active

They are optimistic

They are aggresive

They are restless

Weakness of choleric

They are inflexible/ unreliable

They are rude

They are impatient

They are unable to relax


They express pensive sadness most of the time

Strengths of melancholic

They are quiet

They are unsociable

They are pessimistic

They are sober

They are rigid

Weakness of melancholic

They are fearful

They are depressed

They are too cautious

They are pessimistic

NB: The above information is as per research, not my own thinking.

What temperament do you exhibit?


Welcome to my world, welcome to my world where being a firstborn is more of a curse than a blessing,

Welcome to my world, welcome to my world where all the responsibility of your siblings is automatically handed to you, I mean at the end of the day you are a firstborn,

Welcome to my world, welcome to my world where are expected to take charge you get caught up in being a role model to your siblings,

Welcome to my world, welcome to my world where as a firstborn you are not supposed to shed a tear, you ought to embrace courage, swallow your hurt and take care of yourself,

Welcome to my world, welcome to my world where as a co-parent as early as your siblings are born you ought to embrace the role and adjust as fast as possible,

Welcome to my world, welcome to my world where your own flesh and blood do not understand why you are harsh and the things you do just to take charge of the household,

Welcome to my world, welcome to my world where everyone has expectations of you, you always have to be at your best performance/ behaviour, always shine as you are a role model( a position you did not apply for but as per the virtue of your birth position in your family)

Welcome to my world, welcome to my world where as a firstborn you always have to have solutions for everything in the house,

Welcome to my world, welcome world where I love being a firstborn, I love the responsibility that comes with it,

Welcome to my world, welcome to my world where I love the fact that my parents entrusted me with the responsibility of looking after my siblings and taking charge in the house,

Welcome to my world, welcome to my world where I am a role model that my siblings are looking up to, I am a source of encouragement, I am the backbone of my parents children,

Welcome to my world , welcome to my world where I am a firstborn who does not have things in control, I do not have the solutions to every problem but I am still a firstborn, me not knowing certain things does not deprive me from my rights as a firstborn,

Welcome to my world, welcome to my world where being a firstborn is a blessing in disguise and given a chance I will still be a firstborn,


Hey fam, welcome back to sylelife a place were we learn a lot ,have fun and just live life to the fullest (cant believe that am making an introduction today) but what do we say , new age new beginnings . This week am turning …age(ladies do not tell their age out loud). Last year, I started a culture/ tradition of sharing lessons I have learnt during the year, in my birthday week .

Lesson 1: Having confidence in myself

My mum always says how from a tender age I have always had the highest confidence anyone could have, growing up I never suffered with issues to deal with confidence( though most of the people automatically assume my silent nature to come with lack of confidence ) but I have never suffered from lack of confidence. I have always gone for what I want but to be honest, I took me time to start my podcast, I was sure of myself. Was I going to pull this through? Did I have enough content to sustain a podcast? All the imposter syndrome one can have I had. The minute I started my podcast, I knew from then I could do anything I but my mind to.

If confidence was a personPhoto by Israelzin Oliveira on Pexels.com

Lesson 2: Its okay to relax

I am a workaholic, I love occupying myself with tasks during day, I just can not wake up and decide to do nothing for that day. But I have been able to unlearn that trait and if I wake up not feeling like accomplishing anything for that day I just allow myself to rest and enjoy the day without having guilt or thinking that I have wasted it . Rest is very important and we should give our bodies a break once in a while.

Lesson 3: Its okay not to achieve what you had planned

Anyone who knows me , know how I am an extremist when it comes to planning, everything I do will always have a plan(its that bad)but it has taken a lot of me accepting that not everything will go as planned and it is okay if it does not . At no point will that make me a failure.

Photo by Download a pic Donate a buck! ^ on Pexels.com

Lesson 4: The act of being grateful for everything

In the kind of life we live we are always caught up with a lot of things to the point that we hardly recognise the small things that could or should lighten up our lives. This year I started a habit of being grateful on my journal chui( my word press family have certainly met chui)and I will say with a lot of confidence that it has been a game changer in my life. You get to appreciate the little you have and also appreciate yourself with the achievements you get to achieve in your life.( I have an episode @ Just figuring it out my podcast that talks about the benefits of gratitude)


The Nairobi arboretum is a cool place to be, I love the ambiance in this place , the natural habit , the trees and the wild animals there. It was established in 1907 by Mr Batiscombe a British colonial administrator so as to introduce exotic tree species in Kenya. Its size is 30.4 hectares. The forestry department is in charge of Arboretum , you will see the officials in the park itself. It is located along statehouse road in area of Kilimani, Nairobi Kenya.

Just me chilling in arboretum

Activities that can take place in the park

Photos from http://www.kenyaforestorganisation
  • Photoshoots- the environment is quite conducive, the trees ,the walk path it gives you the nature type of vibe.
  • Jogging- the footpath is quite something else, you can jog around the place and the weather itself is fear enough.
  • Hiking- there is a hiking path in the park itself.
  • Recording of music videos- there is enough space for recording of music videos though it comes at a price to record the music in the place.
  • Praying center- the environment is quite serene for prayers , I saw a couple of people holding prayers together.
  • Team buildings- you can also carry out team buidings in the area
  • Picnics- the grass is green, there are trees and the air is very fresh its quite an ideal place for picnics .
  • Things to note before going there
  • They open from 6.00am to 6.00pm everyday, even during the weekends
  • They do not allow plastic bottles inside the park, you will be force to leave it at their offices.
  • They do not allow alcohol inside the park.
  • The entrance fee goes for Ksh 65 for adults and Ksh 20 for children under the age of 12.
A map from Google maps that enables you to get your way through the place


One of the easiest way to start a conversation with anyone and not seem or look awkward is by asking random questions trust me it works. I am an ambivert and one of the hardest thing for me to do is to start conversations with strangers but trust me when I gain the familiarity with the person I can get hold of long conversations even longer than you expected. So today we shall have a look at random questions that will enable you to get to know someone’s like, dislikes and characters just from the answers they give.

Photo by Olya Kobruseva on Pexels.com
  1. If you had the world attention for 30 seconds what would you say
  2. Would you rather be a hero or a villain in a day
  3. If you had to work but nit get money from what you do, what would you do
  4. Where do you mind not waiting
  5. If you could create your own job title what would it be
  6. Would you rather look like a potato or feel like a potato
  7. If you could disinvent something what would that be
  8. Favourite app
  9. What would you rather throw away love or money
  10. What talent would you want to posses
  11. If you could only use one word for the rest of your life what world would you choose
  12. If you have been give an elephant for a day what would you do with it
  13. If you were to play a song you love right now what would that be
  14. If you were to name you own song , what would you name it
  15. What would you learn about life from kids
  16. How would you want to be remembered
  17. If you could have any super power which one would you choose
  18. Would you rather be able to control time or be able to know what other people are thinking
  19. Would you rather be able to copy and paste in real life or to undo in real life
  20. What is the quality that you enjoy most in friends
  21. What is the common thing that you think about when you are alone
  22. Describe your life using one word
  23. Have you ever cried over a movie
  24. If you could run one business which business could it be
  25. Best part of waking up
  26. What one food would you never give up
  27. What would be harder for you, telling someone you love them or telling them you do not love them
  28. When you are 90 years old what will matter to you the most
  29. Do you have a special place you love to visit regularly
  30. What is the reason why you are grateful in your life.
  31. Happy new week fam, hope you are keeping safe this week, last week I was watching some several episodes of the Shark tank( it is a show that entrepreneur showcase their products in search of sponsors or partners for their business) It is a nice show for entrepreneurs as it exposes one to a lot of negotiations skills .
Photo by Engin Akyurt on Pexels.com


The book of the month is Go pro by Eric Worre one of the most famous renowned network market as the book itself gives several steps of becoming a network marketing professional.

The definition of network marketing as per Investopedia is business model that depend on person to person sales by independent representatives often working from home.

My interest for Network Marketing

I have been studying the trend and digging in through network marketing simplify because I love the job description in this field . I love the fact that you can interact with everyone from anywhere in the world which is an added advantage come to think of it during this covid time as their is restriction towards travelling. I also love the fact that you get to work at your own pace, own time and set your rules for yourself, basically you get to become your own boss. I mean who would not want to. Lastly, the fact that your job security lies in your hands as Eric Worre favorite quotes is You are incharge of yourself. You fail its failure, You succeed it is your success. I will go straight into the skills in becoming a network manager.

1.Finding prospects

Prospects is a networking term for a customer. For any business person, you know how hard it can get in terms of customers, getting someone to approve your product and purchase is another merry go around and especially when it comes to network marketing you have to have patience and stamina to filter out rejection in this field as Eric loves saying ‘You must accept a temporary loss of selfesteem from ignorant people’ In this case you ought to make a list of potential prospects and always update from time to time as you work on it.

2. Inviting prospects to understand your product or opportunity

In this case ,you can use any media platform or material like DVDs, CDs and thanks to technology we have zoom meetings that have eased up things, and let your prospects understand what you are dealing with ‘Your ability to get a large group of people to consistently to do a few simple things over an extended period of time . NB You must detach yourself from the outcome.

3. Presentation of your product / opportunity to your prospects

In order to get started with your presentation , you ought to give a little background about yourself to get the people to relate with the information you are giving. Two you have talk about the things you did not like about your background and three how network marketing came to your rescue.

4. Following up your prospects

Quite a difficult step to take as of course you do not want to be a bother and the same time you have to make a follow up to see how you progressing with your prospects. The words and tone you use is really important.

Have a lovely week fam.


Last week in my podcast ‘Just figuring it out’ I had a guest over and we navigated through toxic relationships and I thought why not share it with my wordpress family( very soon I shall be getting you name, just watch this pace) and you are also welcome to be part of ‘ Just figuring it out family’. We chose this topic because its an emerging issue in the society and we just realized that majority of people are in toxic relationships its just that they never know that and hence the emergence of the topic today.

Can we guess what they are arguing about? Photo by Anthony Shkraba on Pexels.com

What is a toxic relationship?

A toxic relationship is a relationship between people who do not support each other , one seeks to undermine the other and most probably one does not have a voice or an opinion in a relationship.

How do you recognize that you are in a toxic relationship?

  1. When your significant other has controlling behaviors ; he/ she always wants to tell you what to do at any given time and is offended when you dismiss whatever he has told you.
  2. Hostile communication from your partner; you rarely communicate with your partner and when you do your partner is very rude and is not accomodative towards the conversation.
  3. If your relationship entails a situation where there is all take and no give; in the relationship there is one person who is doing the giving and the other person is just taking and not reciprocating the same love that is given. In most cases your partner is selfish and he/ she only wants what is best for them not the relationship.
  4. You make excuses for their behaviors ; whenever they are wrong you always convince yourself that maybe you are the problem or they just did not know but in real sense you know whatever they have done they did it knowingly but you just want to protect them to keep the relationship going.
  5. They do not respect you; respect is something that is paramount I mean how will you claim to love somebody and yet you will not show them respect that is pure mediocracy.

Can a toxic relationship change into a healthy relationship?

Personally I believe everything is possible as long as you put your mind to it so yes a toxic relationship can change into a healthy relationship as long as the both of you are willing to give it a try together.

But let us also think of it this way , once you squeeze a flower you can not get the petals back into their original position( got that narrative from this series am currently watching Jane the virgin as Abuela loves using it and if you have not watched it what are you waiting for)

it makes sense now so can we fix the issue.Photo by Anthony Shkraba on Pexels.com

How to overcome the aftermath of a toxic relationship

  1. Surround yourself with positive people; your environment can really influence you so at all times ensure that you stick around to people with positive vies its always a life saver at all times.
  2. Practice selfcare; once you learn how to love yourself you will have the understanding of what is love and how to be loved seems like and that will set a standard on what you will accept as love not just accepting the bear minimum .
  3. Talk about your feeling to someone you trust; they always say a problem shared is a problem half solved , expressing your feeling about the situation enables you to get the issue out of your system and trust me you will feel good after talking about it.
  4. Do not victimize yourself but instead view yourself as a strong individual ; it is not your fault that things did not work out we just have to get up and continue living as that not the end of life.
The biggest steps you can make in life is finally agreeing to leave that toxic relatioshipPhOto by Dziana Hasanbekava on Pexels.com

Have a nice week fam, 😊keep safe and do not forget to interact with me in the comment section see you next time


Last Saturday, I had a visit to Baobox, a restaurant based in Westlands , the street is westlands road 8th floor in Pramukh towers with my friends just to relax and to easen up( quite a healthy practise ). Baobox is a premier board game cafe in East and Central Africa that focuses on creating something unique exempting technology through their games. Today I will give the things I love about the place and you should visit when you have a chance.

The entrance to baobox
Photos from baobox.com

1.The environment

I love the environment in the restaurant ,the furniture itself is indigenous, made of wood and maasai shukas in the couch .I love the fact that the spaces is quite enough as they have like a group type of space and I would recommend such a space for events like birthday parties. They have a section where they place their board games is quite tremendous and organized. The restaurant has a nice ambience with a rooftop that is good for taking photographs.

The indeginius furniture in baobox from the rooftops
Photo from baobox.com

2. The food

Wow is enough to describe the pizza we had there , I could literally feel the ingredients in the pizaa. What I loved most was the fact that the base of the pizza was very flat yet appealing to the audience. We had the Banker pizza that consists of a standard with ground beef, meaty beef sausage, bacon, mushroom, caramlesed onions and BBQ sauce.

3.The games

They have a variety of games but I will just mention the few we were able to play.

The games stand
Photo from baobox.com

a. Hot seat

It consists of several cards that have quite intruding questions the kind of questions that never have I ever have that at times are quite embarrasing to answer in public .

b. Singing game

It consists of several cards that have 2 songs each with 3 marks with the songs and the artists names that the participants ought to sing it and they are awarded marks. What I love about this games was the fact that it was promoting the Kenyan music which is a good way to go.

c. Jenga

This is a physical skill game that players take turns removing one block at a time from a tower constructed of 54 blocks. Each block removed is then placed on top of the tower, creating a progressively more unstable structure .

The Jenga game

d. Vote

It is played with a couple of friends, there are questions and you get to choose/ vote who is most likely to do whatever is on the question. What I loved about it was the fact that you get an overview of what your friends think of you.

The vote game in abox

e. Mind game

This is a board game that tests your memory and your memorizing power. There are 12 different things positioned on the board and you ought to memorize the position of the things hence it juggles your brains.

To play unlimited games they charge 1000 Kenyan shillings.

I loved this place to be honest , I had a nice time you can visit once in a while whenever you are free.

How the Jenga game is played

Have a lovely week and see you next Tuesday.☺️


Once in a while I love cooking exotic meals , and I thought why not share some of my recipes with my wordpress family. A little history about my cooking skills, I hate cooking for a fact ( cant believe I said that aloud 😂), not that much but there times I do feel like cooking and the few times I do be rest assure for something epic ( of course being brought up with a chef why would I not acquire the most amazing cooking skills.)


  1. Wheat flour
  2. Salt ( to your satisfaction)
  3. Tumeric
  4. Cumin seeds
  5. Coriander
  6. Sliced potatoes( as per the quantity you want to cook)
  7. Chillies
  8. Eggs
  9. Cooking oil


  1. In a bowl, mix the flour together with the spices; the salt to add flavour to the bhajia, tumeric to give the bhajia the yellow colour, cumin seeds for some taste and the chillies, add the coriander in the mixture evenly to ensure that the whole mixture has been mixed well.
  2. In the mixture, depending with the quantity of the flour in the bowl , you should beat an egg or eggs as you mix with the mixture ( NB ensure that the mixture is thick)
  3. Add the potatoes to the mixture , as you ensure that both sides of the potatoes is covered with the mixture.
  4. In a pan, heat it with oil for about 15 minutes .
  5. Put the potatoes in the heated pan, you can cook the potatoes at intervals of approximately 7 minutes.
What a lovely snack🤩

You can serve the bhajia with soup or sauce of your choice.


It does not matter with your age ,but a skincare routine is mandatory as why not love your skin. Its been 10 months since I started this journey of skin care and am quite pleased with the results as it took time because I had a face that had acne for quite some time. We shall have a look at the 3 products that have been effective in the routine.

a. ) My Siri black soap

Basically this soap is used to wash\cleanse your face( can also be used for bathing) I wash my face twice in a day, one early in the morning when I wake up and in the evening when am heading to bed. I do this because during the day our body collects a lot of dust from the atmosphere and going to bed with it is just damaging your skin for no good reason. I use my Siri black soap, pineapple flavor to be precise and the scent it has is just magical.


Vegetable oil, coconut husk, herbal extract, fragrance and aqua.


Scoop from a jar, gentle rub the soap in your palm with some water for it to lather and apply on your face gentle as you massage.

Benefits of the black soap

  1. Its anti bacterial and anti fungal .

2.It helps exfoliate the skin.

3. It improves skin texture.

4. It helps attain an even skin tone.

5. It helps fight acne and to reduce fine lines.

b.) Marie Shea and coco butter

This is body oil that has natural ingredients and also acts as a moisturizer .


Organic shea butter, cocoa butter, essential oils, moringa and blackseed.


Take the shea butter and put on your palm rub it then apply to whichever area of body .


Helps clear stretch marks , blackspots and skin blemish.

Moisturize soften the skin.

It helps skin glow naturally.

c.) Powder mask\ Quasil

I mask my face twice a week as its healthy for the skin.


Tumeric that treats eczema, anti inflammatory ( property substance treatment reduce inflammation) and it is anti bacterial.

Quasil that contains anti oxidants, anti inflammatory components treat acne, get rid of dead skin cells and nourishing the skin.

Sandadwood originates from sandadwood Santalum genus , it has the ability to moisturize the skin and exfoliate the skin.

Liwa powder that is effective in soaking excess oil and sebum from the skin and it is the remedy that gives clear skin.

The main reason why I always love these 3 products is the fact that they are made out of natural components hence has no effect on the skin.

Have a lovely weekend fam.😊


Tomorrow , I will be celebrating my first anniversary in word press and as a blogger , am super excited about it . I have really come a long way, looking at my previous posts and the recent one’s there is a huge difference in the appearance, the type of content I posted, the audience engagement and the length.

A little history about my blog, I started it after a friend of mine emboldened me to start a blog though I was hesitant about that idea but here we are , my favorite activity of my week. I have always loved writing for ages though It was very lowkey , I used to do a lot of poems back then and a few articles here and there but my passion increased the moment I started my blog as I had that commitment towards it. I will briefly look into lessons I have learnt during this writing journey.


Discipline for me is basically sticking to something you believe in whether it works or not but you religious do it every time. I have had to learn the art of being discipline in my consistency and it has definitely worked for me because with time it becomes a habit and you no longer have to struggle with I have to write.

2. Patience

One of the virtue I have had to learn during this period is patience , personally am an impatient person but in order to perfect your skill you have to trust the process and be patient with yourself . I remember my first posts I really didn’t have an audience engagement It took time to gain an engagement but it was worth the time. A piece of advise good things take time so you have to be patient.

Photo by Artem Podrez on Pexels.com

3. Consistency

In building anything you believe in be it writing, singing or any other talent you have to have consistency to prosper . In my field of writing its quite important to have schedule for your writing and sticking to it as it enables you to have an engagement with the audience . It shows a lot of commitment towards your own brand an a talent and it will always come through for you .

4. Bad days

There times you just do not feel like writing at all, but you remember you have a commitment to honor and you just have to. There times I could write but no engagements from the audience ,there times you just don’t want to but you have to. I have never received any backlash in my platform thanks to the degree of positivity in word press but to other writing platforms where negative energy exists you have to develop a mechanism to guard yourself .

Photo by Henry & Co. on Pexels.com

Happy anniversary to me, have a happy week fam😊 . See you next time .


Hey Sky girls, how are we coping this month? I hope we are taking good care of ourselves during this period. Today’s hashtag is# selfcare #selflove. We all love ourselves and take care of ourselves but we shall have a break down of how we can care for ourselves adequately and ways that are simple and easy to achieve. The following are self-care skills that a sky girl can use to achieve self care skills.

Going for a walk regular

Walks are usually miraculous , with headphones on as you listen to your favorite music just takes you to another world. Its actually a stress reliever as then you only have the road and the music with you. You can also reflect on yourself in one of the walks and just imagine the things you want for yourself and work towards them.

Photo by Uriel Mont on Pexels.com

Having a regular sleep routine

Sleep is very essential to the body and having enough sleep is usually an important thing to our lives. With quality sleep we shall be able to bit fatigue and wake up feeling fresh and ready to conquer the world . I know it can be hard to make your body adapt to a new sleeping pattern but with time you shall be able to adapt as long as you stick to the routine.

Have a journal

Do you always have a lot of staff that you want to share with your friends but you just are not comfortable or they are personal staff ? Struggle no more as journaling is here to save the situation. Journaling is an important task as it enables one to write down their aspirations ,their dreams and release other staffs that you do not feel comfortable sharing with people around you.

Have several glasses of water

Water is important to our body as it dehydrates our body and helps as to stay fresh . We should regulate having water regularly during the day. I can share some tips that enables me to stay up with my water game:

  • I have a water bottle that I carry around anytime I go out.
  • I have a glass of warm water when I wake up in the morning.
  • I take water after every meal.
water the best form of therapy Pexels.com

Exercising regularly

We need to take care of our bodies and one of the ways of taking care of our bodies is my ensuring that we exercise regularly. Exercising helps to activate our bodies and release the waste products that mostly comes out in form of sweat. I probably know the question right now is how do you motivate yourself to exercise regularly ? You can start slowly , like skipping a rope 30 times today then maybe tomorrow you do 50 times and as you progress you shall get used to it and you shall not feel and need of not exercising. Set a goal that you would like to achieve during your exercise period.

Doing the things you love

One way of taking care of yourself is by doing the things you love as it makes you happy and happiness is one thing that is very important in our lives. If you love singing practice a lot to perfect your voice, if you love making tiktoks make them and post them. Of course not everyone will be happy with what you do as there always hater but as long as you do you that is the most important thing in your life. Do what make you happy .

Have a lovely month Sky girls and do not forget to do you as long as it makes you happy.


As I had mentioned earlier I will be revealing some nitty gritty about myself so this segment is going to be very short .

For no apparent reason😂I just love clay, modelling different things with it just easen my mind. I know right who still uses clay in my age😂😂. I guess it’s only me.

I love modelling blocks with clay this is one of the activity that easens me up and also a stress reliever. I will show you a sample of the blocks I model from time to time

I present to you the might block 😂


Happy new month fam🤩🤩I can just sense the cool vibes that this month has. So this month I will be celebrating my 1anniversary in wordpress (posting content that is) am super excited for it cause it’s been quite a journey, and I love the growth that has taken place through out it.

If you have been following through you know I rarely talk about myself in my post and hence that’s what we shall be doing for this anniversary month 😂just something special to mark the anniversary ❤️ (hope I have the energy and morale to do so ) I rarely talk about myself😂😂😂I guess it’s among my flaws and we are changing things slowly.

On sunday I had a chilled hibiscus tea in the evening (fyi my taste buds acknowledges only sweet things) so I was abit sceptical on allowing myself to sip some tea but the moment I did I couldn’t imagine myself 😂😂😂without the tea. Maybe it was the fact that it was chilled or maybe my taste buds have adopted to other types of taste. Cause the tea itself was neither bitter not sweet but it had a taste that one couldn’t let go off and will leave you asking for more.

Hibiscus my love ❤️

So am super proud of myself that I was able to try something new cause am always sceptical when it comes to herbal tea to be specific and am equal shocked with the turn of events.

Moral of the story it’s never too late to try new things .

☺️As I start this journey of revealing alittle but of myself what’s that one thing that you always wanted to know about me?

Happy new month once more and have a lovely week☺️

😂😂😂it’s quite relaxing having a glass of hibiscus


Chui my notebook

I call my notebook Chui because of the leopard prints on the cover. I love journaling so much that a notebook is a must have in my life.https://sylelife.wordpress.com/2020/08/26/journalingjournalingjournaling/ The fact that it gives me a place where I can carefully organize and plan out myself its just amazing. The outer cover is also appealing , it gives me the chilled type of vibes the leopards the trees and the color of the cover itself. Chui is my baddie any time am excited , low and having mixed feelings she always has my back. My mum got me Chui last year just as she does with all my other notebooks.

Army my water bottle

I call it Army since the prints on the water bottle are that similar to the army. Anyone who knows me knows how I love to hydrate my body, hydration of the body is very important as it leaves your feeling fresh and reenergized . Army is a double wall insulated bottle to mean that it can keep both hot water hot and cold water cold for up to 6 or more hours. It is made of stainless to mean its very strong and durable. I got it as a gift from a family friend.

My watch

At this point, I know you were expecting my watch to have a name unfortunately it does not. For the longest time, I love wearing watches, I love the way a watch will add more details to your attire. Making you look more elegant and classy and the fact that you can tell the time easily without having to go back and check your phone. It was a gift from my bestfriend, shout out to Janny Jenipher who always pays attention to the small things.

Knotless braids

A special thank you to the inventor of this hairstyle ( I really wish I had like a personal contact just to extend my gratitude😂) I have fallen in love with this braids for real. They are super light on your head regardless of the number of braids you use to plait your hair. It is a protective style since you will not experience any breakage with your hair. Disclaimer they do take a lot of time to fix as it requires a lot of work to be done.

Just figuring it out

Just figuring it out is my podcast that talks about circumnavigating adulthood, the challenges what we did not know of adulthood and many more. I love expressing my self with all the means possible and I always enjoy recording the podcast. Just figuring it out is an amazing journey for me and if you weren’t part of the audience what are you waiting for🤷. Am super excited of what is in store for my listeners so do not miss out.

Chewing gum
Am the hugest fan of chewing gum or should I say my mouth loves chewing😂. It’s just magical how chewing gum can increase your concentration span instantly. I love how super active my brain can get while chewing and if you are looking for ways to concentrate more look no further as the solution is here . My favourite flavor for gum is the chilled type of gum that has a refreshing vibe.

Have a lovely week fan☺️and do not forget to be safe .

Welcome to my world

Welcome to my world, welcome to my world where a girl is raped and gets blamed for it, being told that she should have done better to protect herself while the assailant roams free only to inflict the same suffering to another,

Welcome to my world , welcome to my world where a lady who stands her ground and knows what she wants gets labelled as stubborn or undeserving,

Welcome to my world, welcome to my world where justice is an imaginary flower that only sprouts in our imagination and petals are only existent in movies and stories while the innocent rot away in pathetic jail and guilty walk free of charge,

Welcome to my world, welcome to my world where pressure to succeed leads to constant failure as time and effort required to change lives ends up being more trouble than its worth,

Welcome to my world, welcome to my world where respect is given according to the size of your wallet,

Welcome to my world, welcome to my world where ice-cream is your best confident since it cant judge or announce to the entire world,

Welcome to my world, welcome to my world where youth face constant criticism and negative comparison to others who are doing better than they while the critique slam all doors when same young people struggle to live up to golden standard by offering services,

Welcome to my world, welcome to my world ,

Where you matter ,and only you is responsible for you,


What is your love language? A question people find hard to answer or rather quite intimidating. Everyone has a love a language but in most cases people have not yet identified that this is the way I need to be loved or to be shown love by my significant other . Love language describes how we receive love from others. They are quite an important segment in relationships. Once you learn your partners love language you will be good to go and work on them efficiently. We shall have a look at the 5 different love languages ,how to use them, the pros and cons of each.

1.Words of affirmation

If you love being affirmed on a daily basis ,hearing encouraging words from your partner or even simple compliments from time to time then words of affirmation is your love language. The goodness of having such a partner is that the little things you say will matter to them but you have to be keen with your speech as any negative words will really impact them negatively and even hurt their feelings. With words of affirmation speech is very important and the consistency is also key as the moment you do not affirm them they get insecure.

how affirmed can you be

2.Physical touch

If you enjoy hugging , cuddling , holding hands or any other form of physical touch then this is for you. Physical touch is one of the highest form of intimacy it creates a sense of connectivity between you and your partner. If one has a partner whos love language is touch they at all cost should avoid any form of physical violence as it will impact on their relationship negatively. They should be keen on how they express themselves physically and be consistent on the physical touch.

3.Receiving gifts

Does receiving gifts from your spouse entice you? If it does then this is for you. Gifts are always the most kindest gesture that shows that some really cares about you. Although, most of the times people think that you must get expensive gifts for it to be valuable but the truth of the matter is that it does not just the fact that you remembered that your partner likes jewelry and you brought her that as a gift is such a nice move. You have to be keen with the little things they love or take notice of cause those are the most valuable things they would love for gifts it brings an aspect of a keen listener.

the little gifts do matter

4. Quality time

Engaging in activities together that you both love is one of the ways of spending quality time together . With this type of love language you will need to spare some time for yourselves so as to be able to communicate with each other. Having distant partner with such a love language can be hard to cope with. With such a partner you ought to give them your undivided attention and whenever you are together you have to keep of any form of distraction so as to give them your undivided attention. Communication is key in such a scenario so as to not make your partner feel less important or being least in your priorities.

5.Acts of service

Acts of service literally involve offering a helping hand for the responsibilities your significant other has. Words like can I help you are quite vital in such a relationship . You ought to help them around and at no point should you burden them with work or even lazy around with offering help. With such a partner you can not afford to be lazy or have broken commitments as you will appear to be not to care for your partners feeling .

acts of service

I believe with that we are able to identify our love languages .

Who else feels like having lengthy conversations should part of the love languages?

Have a lovely weekend fam


Managing your finances can be such a task I mean yes you get a certain amount of cash but how are you going to take charge of that money? Management of finances requires a lot of discipline for a person to master the act and its never too late to start managing your finances and never forget that habits are cultivated so the more you practice it the more it becomes easier for you as a person. I have tried the 6 tips for management of finances and I can assure you that they are very practical and habitual activities for one to initiate.

1.)Saving plan

Having a saving plan or even a saving account is very essential . For the longest time saving has been put across as a cumbersome activity , its sort of a burden to many who do not have a clear understanding of what it really means. So what is a saving, saving is setting aside money for future use or for a specific use during specific time. Saving as little as you can is very important as the little things do matter . The only requirement for saving is to have discipline for example you set a certain day ,week or month that you will be saving and stick to the plan. Also to spice up the saving process you can have a saving goal so as to look up to the saving journey that you will partake.

Save as little as you can

2.) Prioritizing your needs

Coming from a shopaholic (where everything is important as long as it strikes your eyes😂) you do need to prioritize your needs together with the budget you have. Most of the times you will find that we go impulse on goods or items we do not really need and we end up going broke for no good reason. We also need to look at some fun activities that at times are not necessary but we still engage in cutting down on such activities will save you some coins. A good method I use is listing down my wants or needs in a hierarchical form from the most important to the least important and at all times it does work magics.

3.)Emergence funds

An emergence fund is some cash that is set aside for the rainy season. Its very important as it enables one to prepare for uncertainties in the near future. Just like savings it requires a high form of discipline and it more so the same concept of saving the only difference is that it prepares you for things you did not plan for to occur. Start an emergence fund you will never be disappointed.

4.) Avoiding debts

Debts usually are a financial set back as it brings your finances forth and back. Living a debt free life is usually important as you get to control and see how your finances are used. In most cases the creditor requires an additional cash as from the one he or she had lent you. Will all you can and your power avoid debts at all costs as they only incur you more and more financial loss unless yes its very necessary.

5.) Chama

Involving yourself in healthy chama is very important as they help in securing your cash. The goodness of this groups is that you are obliged to the members so at the end of the day you will have to honor your pledge and hence you will be saving . There is nothing that is so sweet as receiving your money during your cycle .You also get to interact with different group of people who in one way or another they will have an impact on you.

Unity in togetherness

With this management tips you will be sure to ace your finances.

Have a lovely week fam😊

https://anchor.fm/nadel-kavochi/episodes/Tips-for-taking-charge-of-our-finances-euoimo a podcast on the same topic

The August 7th Park and Museum

The August 7th Park and Museum is a chilled ,relaxed place to be as it is situated in the cbd of Nairobi, Kenya.

The entrance of the park
Fun fact the park is also know as bomb blast park as it was earlier the american embassy that was bombed

A lit bit of history about the park, on August 7th 1988, a group of terrorist used a car bomb to blow up the United States Embassy located at the Moi and Hailey Selassie Avenues causing death of 218 people and the place was later on donated by the Kenyan and American people to a trust charged with turning it into a memorial park as a tribute to the public.

The park itself has various sites and we shall have a look at them.

The Peace Memorial Museum
The museum has different things hanged on the wall, just as a remembrance of the bombing that took place . There’s also a documentary on the events of that specific day that takes one and a half hours.

The Memorial Wall
It commemorates the victims who died and it is a central feature in the park.

The Memorial Wall with the 218names of the victims who died in 1988

Conference facilities and meeting rooms
They have two remarkable conference facilities that can be hired and the each of the two conference facilities have names, the first conference facility to your right is the Wangari Mathai conference center and to your furthest left is the Nelson Mandela conference center. They have various quotes available and the environment is condusive for meetings . To your way out of the museum they have a glass-like structure for donation .

The symbolic landscape
It has stones by the pathway of the park that were collected from the riverbed and it signifies the resilience of the kenyan people to always fight terrorism.

The trees are indigenous to show that people from all over kenya are affected by the tragic act. They also provide a good shade for those relaxing around the park.

The fountain, that was made in the form of the Ying Yang sign, symbolizes the two sides of life ,turbulent and tranquil.

The fountain situated at the centre of the park

The park is a place you would want to relax and just enjoy what nature has to offer be sure to pay a visit when around.

Does looks matter

A couple of days, two influencers tried going to a five star hotel in tattered clothes just to get people’s reaction. To their uttermost surprise no one ever stopped them or even mentioned anything to them. What happened to being your brothers keeper ? How many seconds would it take you just to mention that hey, there something wrong with your … or could rectify this kindly.

Having each other’s back

It took a while before anyone attended to them and the waiters were less concerned . They had to call for a waiter inorder to be attended for and imagine if it was vice versa would it have been the same?

Another story is narrated of a cute guy who stepped on a lady and never bothered to say sorry , he just took off (“throwing a smile to the lady he had stepped on”)

I can only imagine the lady’s facial expression

So what does the society have to say about looks? Does having the look really matter?

In the society we habit in, people tend to judge you with your appearance .Your value is immediately attached to how you appear eg a smartly dressed person is oftenly perceived as rich (definitely how can you dress expensively and be broke 😂)But is this the right mind set?

Supposed the influencers were smartly dressed would they have received the same treatment?It’s high time the society detaches the value of people as per their appearance. We ought to embrace equilty for all regardless of anything #embrace equality


There is a lot of controversy about feminism currently and today will have a look at what feminism is about in a nutshell. Feminism is a movement that belief in social , economic and political equality of the sexes. The main aim of feminism is to advocate for equal rights for women and acknowledge the fact that both men and women deserve equality in all opportunities, treatment and respect.

Did you know that in Britain 1928 the Suffragettes (first people to begin feminist movement)won their fight as then women were allowed to vote.

Types of feminism

1.) Socialist feminism

This is a movement that calls for an end to capitalist through socialist reformation of the economy . By this I mean that both men and women ought to have equal rights in their workplaces.

2.) Cultural feminism

This is a movement that points out how modern society is hurt by encouraging masculine behavior to reign . A good example is when only the male child was eligible to inheritance of the fathers property or when only the male children we educated.

3.) Liberal feminism

This is a movement that believes all individuals should be free to exposure of equal opportunities and rights.

Misconceptions about feminism

1.) It promotes women superiority

Majority believe that feminism is all about spearheading the women to more authority as they sideline the other gender but the truth of the matter is that feminism is about advocating for equal rights for the women for them to be at per with their male counterparts.

2.) Only women can be feminist

For the longest time feminism has been labelled as a woman thing as they basically advocate for women right but as we can see time is changing as also men are engaging in the advocacy of equal rights.

3.) Feminism and equality are different things

Feminism and equality are both the same as they both advocate for similar treatment regardless of the gender so at no point should they be regarded as different entities.

4.) Feminist hate men

People should get to understand that feminism is not an anti-man movement but rather a movement that is for equality. Feminism has nothing to do with bring men down or rather sidelining them its interest lies with equality for all and nothing much.

Things they don’t tell you about natural hair

Am those kind of people who are in love with their natural hair. It’s been a year and a half since I started my journey with natural hair. To be honest the transition from relaxed to natural hair has been quite a journey of learning and unlearning.

1)Changing of hair products is healthy

It is advisable to always switch up with your hair products be it the shampoo or even the hair oil as this helps to nourish your hair and it gives your hair just that look and body that you require. Personally I use Mikalla and Cantu products for my shampoo, conditioner and treatment , Amla,Blue magic, Coconut oil and Olive oil spray sheen they always work best for me

2) Protective styles
These are hairstyles that protect your hair from too much damage they are hair friendly styles eg we have the mini twists, flat twists and many others later on we shall expound on them

The beauty of mini twist you can always change the hairstyle to your preference

3)Treating your hair
Use if treatment for ones hair is essential as it helps in unclogging the hair follicles, releasing natural conditioning oil , it helps in relieving dry scalp,it removes all those nasty dry flakes, it also stimulates blood flow in the head and neck area so that nutrients can reach the scalp and nourish the hair

4)Trimming your hair once in a while should be mandatory

Trimming of your hair helps your hair to grow heathier because it removes the hair that would split. Hair at the root is also and you’re able to maintain the length and avoid splitting.

The confidence that hair gives you

5)Moisture is a key element
Just like our body that needs to be rehydrated from time to time so is our hair. Our hair requires alot of moisture to keep it hydrated.


Just as I had mentioned earlier we are embarking on a series of things they do not they tell you about as this life we live in is fool of adventures and new things that come our way day in day out and hey there is nor manual addressing life. Today we shall have a look at relationships as it is quite a controversial issue currently as people have different approaches toward it they .

1.) Forgiveness

The fact is that you will have to acquire this virtue as people make mistakes and when a mistake is done it ought to be forgiven. It takes a lot of courage to practice this virtue continuously with no fail.

2.) Picking your struggle

There is absolutely no one who is perfect and complete and hence when in a relationship you should be able to pick your struggle wisely and be able to live with it as every one comes with their own baggage but you should be careful with whatever baggage you allow yourself to carry as toxic ones are not good for you.

3.) Its more about choice than emotions

Photo by Karolina Grabowska on Pexels.com

By this I mean, there is more to a lasting relationship than just love as love can never be enough for a relationship to last there is trust, support, care and many more . You all have to have the will power of wanting it to work and being able to put your words into actions as actions speak louder than words .

4.) Understanding your significant other

Understanding your significant other character is key as it will reduce misunderstandings in the relationship . Its key to know their temperament as this will enable you to relate with them in different ways and it will explain some of their actions .

5.) Equality

This is key as relationships should be a two way traffic . This deals with questions as why would you not do the same? why is it always me doing this ?

Photo by Sora Shimazaki on Pexels.com

6.) Knowing your partners love language

Everyone has a love language and mastering your partners love language is very important as you will be able to communicate in the relationship. What is your love language?

Later on we shall have a look at love languages so stick around.

Have a lovely week fam

https://techstrapp.com/ check this blog out for technological blogs as it always have you covered with everything happening in the technology world.


A month ago my pal and I started a jewelry business .I was super excited as jewelry has always been my niche and sharing my love for jewelry with other people of course was yet another level of excitement . Coming to think of it for sure there things we were not prepared for.

1.) What is the most popular item

Being a jewelry business their quite a number of items like rings, necklaces, earing and anklets. Frankly speaking their certain items that tend to sell well compared to others. So tricking that balance ought to be hard at times as this round a certain item sells well the other time another sells well so it needs a lot of strategy.

2.) Losses

You have to prepare for losses like seriously. A lot can happen in the period of selling your goods so you have to be psychologically prepared for the losses even if the chances are very minimal. You can set aside cash that can be used to incur the losses.

Photo by Andrea Piacquadio on Pexels.com

3.) It takes time

Getting involved in jewelry was a strategic plan we had I mean how hard would it be to sell jewelry? But it took time to complete the stock as one we were the fresh face of the business. Developing your brand is a crucial stage in early business as it is much easy to work with a developed brand than a new brand . At this stage some patience will pay as good things do take time.

4.) Stagnation

Of course with your first sales you know who to target you already have customers at your finger tips but as time goes by you exhaust your customers . Leaving you in the dilemma of who to sell to next. In this particular stage the art of networking becomes very important as you have to have sufficient networking skills in order to avoid such a scenario.

5.) Marketing skills

Your marketing skills ought to be topnotch in order to be successful . You must know how to market your goods to the outside world in a way that is appealing to attract many eyes. This include taking quality pictures , proper description of the item , the pricing of the item stated and being systematic in your posting of the pictures.

Photo by Anna Nekrashevich on Pexels.com

6.) Having mentor s in that specific field you are venturing in

Previously in our post we had talked about having mentors in everything we do, but having a mentor who is in the same field is just another level of mentorship as they clearly understand what you are going through, they get to guide you as they tell you the pros and cons of the business . Mentors just act like an eye opener in whatever you are doing. ( my mentorship on business is now available with no fee include😂😂)

You can find our jewelry store in Instagram @ collencollection for quality jewelry or still you can ask for more information in the comment section .

I have begun a series of things they did not tell you about… and your participation will be highly regarded down below on the comment section if you have any topic or thing they did not tell you about that you later on came to found out about in a harsh manner. Have a lovely week.😊

Staying focused on on your goal

Staking out success on your own terms requires some soul searching. To achieve that success, you’ll need to carefully evaluate your current situation and set specific goals.

1.) Know where you’re aiming
You have to have a clear vision of what you want to achieve

What ever you but your mind to you will achieve 😊

2.) Write down your goals
Inscribing our goals in black and white , the subconscious begins to look for opportunities to realize them.

3.)Pay attention to how you write down your goals

Avoid negatives and always be specific as possible as the more specific your goals the clearer your subconscious will be and the more likely you will be able to achieve them.

4) Tell a friend
It always helpful to share with a friend as it enables you to be honest with yourself and its quite helpful whenever you seem that your dream scare you.

5)Create a self development plan

Find out what it takes to reach or to achieve your goal the tools needed or even the financial aspect of your goal

Having a goal is never enough we should clearly have a plan on how to achieve that goal as it makes the goal to be more achieve able or as you can say to be more real.

What are the things you do towards your goal?

Lessons learnt from hardball for women

Business is an aggressive ,pushy sport. You’ve got to get on playing field and show your staff

Hardball for women is a book that teaches women to win in the game of business by Pat Heim though the book in general is quite educative to anyone in the business world or even employed .

Lesson 1:You need mentors
In everything we do , we need someone whose experienced in that field Someone who you can inquire from, some one who you can share your challenges with and they will definitely have a solution for it. In short you need a cheerleader.

Lesson 2: Presentation

The way one presents themselves is very important ie how you dress determines the overall message you send in general , the most important rule of thumb is “Dress for the job you want not the job you are in”

Lesson3: How not to let criticism get into your head
You should first of all recognize that whatever criticism you get is just a person’s opinion about you. Don’t let it get into your head.

Lesson 4: Not taking extra responsibility

This is the mostly experienced with women who lose sight of their goals by taking extra responsibilities. You will have to agree a large percentage of women are virtually responsibility magnets as they fear that if they don’t act on a need it will never be resolved .Sometimes just relax and let others notice that blank space.

Lesson 5 : Success talk or failure talks
How we talk about ourselves shapes others perception of us. So always have positive talks about your self as you are also manifesting good for yourself.

Skills a leader oughts to have

Inorder to lead one oughts to be lead

Great leaders can make leadership look so easy ,they announce a direction and the team eagerly follows. If you have experience in a leadership position for sure you know that that isn’t the case. So today will be looking at skills a leader oughts to have.

1)Directing skills
This enhances a one way communication as the leader presents how he wants the task to be performed and it done its way hences it ensures efficiency is met. This skill is valuable especially when:

a)You need to take charge of a situation.

b)Time is limited
c)No alternatives are possible
d)You must win that particular task or else you whole efforts will be subortage

2)Coaching skills
It enhances a two way communication as the leader is soliciting her juniors ideas and opinions in problem solving yet the ultimate decision still rests on the leader.

3)Supporting skills
The leader works with her juniors , but now allows her to take the lead in determine a plan of action , it emphasis on dialogues as means of communication. It’s quite essential as the junior feels motivated with the responsibility left for them at hand.

4)Delegating skills
In this case a leader gives her junior their own responsibility inorder to see how they can work around to complete the task .This is quite effective in a place where your junior is fully competent and committed to her task atleast for sure you will not be disappointed with the outcome.

What other leadership skills do you think one ought to have?

Have a lovely week😊

Chia seeds

These are multipurpose seeds that have a high nutritive value. Though it may be slimmy but hey it’s worth a trial.

Importance of chia seeds
1.)Good sources of fatty acids such as omega 3.

2.)Low glycemic index food helpful regulation daily blood glucose levels.

3.)Good source of minerals such as calcium, iron, magnesium, manganese and phosphorus.

4.)Good source of protein

5.)Good source of vitamins such as vitamin B, folic acid ,Niacin, Riboflavin and thiamine

How it can be used
a.) In pudding just to add some ingredients and colour to the pudding.

b.)The toasted version can be used in bread, cookies and muffins

c.)It can be sprinkled to youghurt , smoothie and milkshakes.

d.)To thicken sauces and gravies

e.) In hot water.

Hey you can grab a pack at very affordable price at food plus outlets

Dreams from my father

A story of race and inheritance, here we get to see Obama struggling with identity issues through his lifetime wanting to belong

Lessons Barack Obama learnt through his lifetime
1)From his father
Through the story Gramps and Toot told about his father, he learnt that the secret to a man’s success is through his confidence.

Back then his father attended the International Music Festival where he was to perform some african song but he later on found out that the woman who had performed just before him was semiprofessional Hawaiian singer. This didn’t frightened him him as he stood up and sung in front of a big crowd . Courageous isn’t it?

From Lolo
Lolo was his Indonesian step-father though they really didn’t have that stable relationship but atleast Lolo was able to be a father figure then and he didn’t push barack either .”The first thing to remember is how to protect yourself”, “Sometimes you can’t worry about hurt but sometimes you worry only about getting where you have to go ,by this Lolo meant to tell Barack that no matter the circumstances that may come his way he has to push forward.

He was 21 right after his studies in Hawaii.He landed an organizing job where by the end if the years he was able to assit the poor and young teenage girls who were mother’s then .He advocated the movement for the Chicago House Authority to remove asbestos from Atgeld’s Management office.

He got the sense of belonging that he was quenching for his entire life. It started from the airport when the lady there recognized his name and for the first time it was correctly pronounced he was amazed by this . He finally got to answer all the questions he had in mind and reunited with his family members. He left Kenya feeling fulfilled and with some sense of entitlement.

The humor in this book is too much for you to miss out kindly grab a copy and enjoy the entertainment that comes your way.

Adopting new habits faster

This comes in handy with these month as it is the first month of the year and quite a number of us are working on making their new year’s resolutions fulfilled.Hence, learning on how to adopt new habits faster will be essential towards our new resolution.

1.) Decide what is important and why
What is your motivation for wanting to develop a new habit . Envision the outcome of you don’t make the change.

2.)Giving yourself a timeline
When adopting new habits giving yourself timelines is very important as this will give you more reason to keep on pushing and wanting to achieve your goal.

3.)Make the habit more reasonable

Choose a realistic new habit that you desire and know that you can accomplish and always start small.

4.)Choose one habit at a time
Trying to change several habits at once is too much for anyone. Instead , concentrate on one behaviour change until it becomes a routine then you can add a second one.

5.)Don’t expect perfection

You are bound to slip up one or more times as you work your way towards new behaviour. Be patient with yourself and accept the slip then recommit to new habits.

6.)Be consistent

Consistency is key to establish a new habit . Do the same thing day after day to set it firmly in your mind and routine. Be accountable , either by tracking new habits or chart or interfacing with others.

“Success is a few simple discipline practised every day”,Jim Rohn

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