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3) Effects of naming I used to think that effects of naming was an archaic thing.I mean how can you give a child a name and the child inherits all the characteristics of the initial bearer of the name? As they say seeing is believing but in this case I had to watch to believe.JustContinue reading “CULTURE”


2) African Parents Personally speaking I was brought up by strict parents.By strict parents I mean,there is only one form of punishment (hello canes😂)My mother to be precise was the disciplinarian .Hehe!!I wasn’t naught but for sure I had the test of anything that came her way be it maasai sandals, charger,wooden spoon and anyContinue reading “CULTURE”


1) Conservativeness If you have grown up in an african home you will have to agree with me on this certainly.Especially the girl child,as there is always much focus on us rather rather than the other gender.I will have to admit there times I wanted to dress like a normal teenager(by that I mean cropstops,Continue reading “CULTURE”

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